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AAA Grade Septarian Flame – Item A


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This is an absolutely stunning ‘flame’ of AAA Grade Septarian from Madagascar. It has the most wonderful, strong, pulsing, supportive connection to Mother Earth and her energy. I don’t normally go for shapes, but the FEEL of this piece is out of this World. It’s SO tactile, the energy is really strong, but not in an overwhelming way. More in a ‘I feel completely safe, strong and accepting of where I am’ kind of way. This piece facilitates acceptance, without a doubt. There will be a video of this stunning piece on my Facebook and Instagram pages over the coming weekend.

Septarian is a geode mixture of Calcite, Aragonite, Limestone & Barite.  It is said to be good for any health issues related to the renal system, kidneys, blood and circulation. Septarian is a spiritually uplifting blend of energies that is joyful & supportive to the solar plexus. It is good for trust issues, both in ourselves and things external to us. Great for group work too, allowing everyone to feel comfortable with communicating and sharing from a place of personal power and truth. Very earth connected and good for working with elemental energy.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 10cm (100mm) long X 4cm (40mm) wide.


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