Krissy Hodges 
Healing – Transformation – Empowerment 


Colour : White/reddish brown
Chakra : All
Physical : Bones, bone tissues, energy systems.
Spiritual : It balances energy fields and renews strength and confidence in our spiritual path by supporting the emotions. It is most definitely a woman’s stone, imbued with feminine energy that connects to both the Earth and Sea. Aragonite reminds us of our true center, as new energies enter or appear around us as life events. They represent our own spiritual and physical growth and how we interact with the world and life. It is a good stone for soothing family issues. It is also a calming stone which eases inner restlessness and nerves. Aragonite is a stabilising and centering stone. It aids self-discipline and helps us to persevere and move past old limitations so we can experience more of what life has to offer without the weight of our past dragging us down! It aids patience, tolerance and flexibility.  
Affirmation: I create balance and harmony within myself as I focus on my emotional healing.

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