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The Power of Healing ~ Personal Story

Nearly a decade ago, I had an accident which severely damaged my lower back. It was a strange one as they believe I had a hernia that went backward from my intestines into the bundle of nerves at the bottom of the spine. Hernia’s don’t usually do that…..and OWWWWW was it painful! For nearly a year, I couldn’t sit or lie down for long or get comfortable enough to escape the pain. It was agony and because it was affecting my nervous system, one minute my legs would burn, the next it felt like ants were crawling up them, or water was running down them….a constant, nagging, very uncomfortable feeling! I couldn’t work for more than a few days at a time due to working in an office, which required sitting down for nearly 8hrs a day and was impossible! I spent many hours crawling on all fours on the floor trying to loosen up or alleviate the pain in my back. Not working was driving me bonkers so along with severe, continuous pain…I was going stir crazy! So at my ex partner’s suggestion, we started Serendipity Crystals as it was a job I could do standing up!

My ex-partner is an amazing healer. No belief in himself or his gift, but he’d often give me reiki when the pain was really bad. One night I was in tears and no amount of movement or pain killers was helping. So I laid on the bed and asked for some reiki healing. After about 5 minutes, I could feel a totally different energy start to enter my body…it was slow at first, then gathered strength until it felt like I was being filled with golden light. Its a fairly indescribable feeling, it felt so amazing, like being filled with love, joy, wonder, hope and no pain all at the same time and I burst into tears again ~ this time in joy!

In an instant, the pain was gone. If you’ve ever experienced consistent pain over a very long period of time, you’ll know how badly it can wear us down. To have that suddenly lifted for the first time in over a year ~ it was mind blowing. I got up and moved around the room and felt no pain whatsoever. It had simply vanished. My ex couldn’t quite believe it was true and kept asking every five minutes ‘Are you OK, are you sure its gone??’ The pain had gone however! When I went back to the doctors (although I daren’t say what had happened), they couldn’t believe it. A hernia like that is only corrected by surgery, but I’d never wanted surgery given it would be messing with the bottom of my spine, the nervous system and was in an extremely difficult place to operate.

The following week I exhibited at a lovely Mind, Body & Spirit event in a large house. Whilst I looked after the crystal stand, my ex went upstairs to have, what he thought, was a tarot reading. However, when he sat down, it turned out it wasn’t tarot and he’d sat down with a lady who was a medium.

Half an hour later he walked back downstairs white as a sheet! He’d sat down with the medium who immediately said ‘I’ve got an Arab man here, hes dressed in their traditional white clothing with the white cloth and black ring round his head. He says his name is Omar and he is from Dubai. He wanted to apologise for using you the other night to heal your partner. It was time she was healed as she has a job to do and Spirit need her working properly and moving again.’


What the lady didn’t know, having never met my ex or myself….is that I was brought up in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and we’d only moved from there to UK a few years prior. The way she described the man’s clothing meant he could only be a local from Dubai as they wear the white cloth on their head in a very specific way, which is different from any other Arab country.

We were stunned.

To this day, I have to manage myself very carefully as it can still flare up and am often scared that it will come back in all its full blown agony ~ so I keep focusing on perfect health and movement. I still can’t sit down for long periods of time, have to take tablets every day, have to stretch and do yoga regularly and have altered my working life completely in order to manage. Most people don’t even know there is an issue however as I’ve adapted, am careful and just kept on going.

Looking back now, I often wonder… was such a strange injury in the first place. It stopped me working 60 hour weeks in the corporate world…..and then because of it, Serendipity Crystals was started. Within weeks of confirming it was a viable business and committing to moving forward with it, I experience the most phenomenal healing, am filled with Spirit and can work again….albeit in a completely different line of business. One, incidentally, I’d always dreamed of!

Synchronicity? Coincidence?

Spiritual healing exists. Spirit exist. I can’t quantify it, explain it or prove it.  I just KNOW, deep in my soul. I can be quite sceptical too, but when something happens to us personally…..there is no denying it.

And thats enough for me. I am so very grateful.

Big hugs

Krissy XXX


4 thoughts on “The Power of Healing ~ Personal Story”

  1. Thank your for sharing such personal story, you are truly an inspiration. Blessings to you, xo

  2. Did you know who Omar was? Have you met him in Dubai?
    Beautiful story! It’s al meant to be.

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