Paraiba Kyanite ~ Revelation of Gifts, Healing & Integration

Paraiba Kyanite ~ Revelation of Gifts, Healing & Integration

Paraiba Kyanite is a new form of Kyanite mined specifically in Tanzania. It is very difficult to mine stones in many of the African countries due to civil unrest, so although I’ve known about this new, beautiful blend of Kyanite for some time now, we’ve only now been able to obtain enough to release it to the market.

Paraiba Kyanite is absolutely beautiful. It is different from standard, Blue Kyanite on several levels. Firstly, the colour is a very pale, almost teal blue and when viewed under natural light, this teal or slightly green tinge is easy to see. Secondly, Paraiba Kyanite also contains Black Kyanite and very high grade, super Clear Quartz. The addition of these two minerals provide both a grounding and amplifying element to this gorgeous mineral.

I am a self confessed Kyanite junkie as the energy is so pure, so clean and activates or works with our energy system in such magical ways. Kyanite is also one of the Angelic minerals, connecting to Arch Angels Michael, Ezekiel and Metatron. This new, blended form reminds me of energetic alchemy & magic. I believe this form of Kyanite has come to the fore now to help us integrate our shadow side and amplify our talents and gifts, whether known or hidden.

Paraiba Kyanite carries the energies of water, air and Earth ~ allowing us to use it on multiple levels. If we wish to gain mental clarity and communicate or speak our truth better, if we wish to clear old emotional energy or to go deep within ourselves to integrate our darkness and our light, our masculine and our feminine ~ then this gorgeous mineral makes that work an awful lot easier and lighter!

The Black Kyanite allows us to tether ourselves to the Earth, so we are grounded and also protected. The Blue/Teal pulls our energy system into alignment and highlights where there are issues we can look at resolving. The Quartz amplifies our intention and the highest vibration of our energy system. It may feel a bit funny at first as Paraiba Kyanite does pull our energy system into order and this can often make us feel a bit dizzy or send us off on a journey. Try to remain present and grounded.

I would advise first using this mineral standing up. Set the intention to clear your energetic pathways and gain clarity. Ensure you are grounded and connected, then hold the Paraiba Kyanite as far above your head as possible, so it connects to the ethereal chakras. Draw it down slowly, acknowledging each chakra as you go. Visualise the energy swirling around the chakra point in a circular motion (clockwise preferably, although always go with what feels best to you). You may feel the energy start to gather or get stronger as you move down to the physical chakras of the third eye and throat.

Move through each chakra centre until you reach the base chakra, which for the purposes of this exercise, will be in your feet rather than bottom of spine. Once you have worked on the Sacral chakra, place the Paraiba Kyanite between your feet and imagine energy pouring in from above, washing down the middle of your body through all the chakra centres and grounding into the crystal and your feet. Feel the energy in the soles of your feet and send that energy deep into the core of Mother Earth. Once the energetic cord from heaven to Earth is connected, you can also visualise that cord of energy expanding outwards from left to right, until you and your entire energy system are contained within a big Sphere of Paraiba Kyanite energy. To me it feels sparkly, like a breath of fresh air and gives me the ability to ask clear questions of my Higher Self and obtain clear answers or guidance.

Keep a journal or notebook handy as you will be able to feel where there is any stagnation, lack of movement or big boosts of energy. Make a note of anything you feel as you work with this mineral. It will literally give you the map of what to focus on or make a priority in your life to help you move forwards.

What it should bring up for you is threefold. Firstly, where energy is stuck or stagnating in your system. Where this stagnant energy resides is where part of your shadow self resides. The darker aspects of yourself that you are likely to judge, feel shameful of, feel guilty about, deny or just don’t want to acknowledge or look at at all. If someone accuses you of projecting or you feel they may be projecting their stuff onto you, use Paraiba Kyanite to gain clarity.

Secondly, when our energy system is in alignment and clear, the Blue/Teal Kyanite and Clear Quartz can amplify and show us our highest vibration and potential. In clearing any of the energy that is stuck out of alignment, we gain clarity on how high we can vibrate and can then meditate with Paraiba Kyanite to access our gifts, ancestral records, Akashic records and Soul potential.

Please feel free to share the information in this blog, but if you copy and paste it, please be so kind as to reference where you got it from rather than plagerising. I have, unfortunately, had to contact people for copying my work of late ( as my lovely clients tell me when they see this happening) and ask them nicely to remove it or credit me, as I do with anyone else’s work. It is a simple matter of acknowledgement and respect. Thanks so much 🙂

Krissy xxx


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