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Angel Phantom Quartz ~ Ascension, Clarity & Connection

Angel Phantom Quartz, or Amphibole as it is technically known, is an amazing little quartz that is highly underrated and one of the rarest in the Quartz family.

Amphibole is the name given to a group of minerals such as Tremolite, Tourmaline & Actinolite to name just a few. Angel Phantom Quartz is a quartz that contains one or more of the minerals in the Amphibole group. The minerals are almost suspended within the quartz itself, which creates a magical, amplified energy that supports us all in reaching a higher vibration and working with the fast moving energies of Ascension.

Angel Phantom Quartz stimulates the upper chakras, expanding our vibrations both outwards and upwards. It does this rapidly for some people and gradually for others. In particular, when we first connect with this gorgeous Quartz, it can make our third eye chakra pulse or create a tingling sensation on the scalp as it encourages the Crown chakra to cleanse and clear itself in order to open fully.

Some experience a full body ‘whoosh’ when the energy connects as it literally sends waves of energy, up and down our body. For me personally, I felt a slight tingle in my fingers ~ that was it, but it was like that little piece of Quartz then welded itself to my fingers and I carried it for months. I still reach for it now on a regular basis as it feels comforting as well as refreshing ~ and it helps me look at the things I’d rather not acknowledge. An anti ‘head in the sand’ mineral if you will 😉

Angel Phantom Quartz is named as such as the majority of those whom have worked with it experience a much closer connection to spiritual energies ~ whether that be Angelic, those in Spirit, Ascended Masters, our own personal guides or the energy & support of God. It is a powerful little tool to use during times of transformation or when we’re going too fast or have too much coming at us to think clearly. It is like an energetic rudder, guiding us back to shore (or in this case, a higher connection) time and time again. When working with Angel Phantom Quartz, we are reminded that we always have spiritual support from the Universe ~ we simply have to be open to receiving it.

For those who struggle with connection to their positive masculine energy (ie motivation and action taking rather than control), this Quartz is excellent as it connects firmly to the masculine energy of God, stars and upper angelic frequencies, facilitating clear communication and connection if you’re ready for it.

It was the Quartz, alongside Blue Kyanite, that started me on my amazing journey working with Angels and facilitated my creativity coming through so I began to channel & paint (this was many moons ago now). It’s not a mineral to underestimate on any level, but people don’t talk about this one much as they simply don’t know about it.

On a physical level, this lovely little Quartz soothes our nervous system and brings up the reasons why we may be living in fear or running on nervous energy & anxiety. It shows us clearly how we can take action on maintaining our own energy system in a healthy way, encouraging us to release our worries and fears so our nervous system eases down and we feel less stressed.

We work best with Angel Phantom Quartz when we are willing to look deep within ourselves. It is excellent for shadow work as it slowly reveals our deepest patterns, beliefs and karmic influences. Alongside the strong spiritual support, we are able to see how these patterns or beliefs may not be serving our highest good. We are supported and guided on the best way to release them.

It is why Spirit are telling me that this is the perfect tool and crystal companion for Ascension work ~ Angel Phantom Quartz seems to regulate the speed somehow so the lessons still come fast and on multiple levels, but we are able to separate things and address them one by one, rather than becoming overwhelmed.

Angel Phantom Quartz is also excellent as a meditation tool as the energy forges a deep connection to our Soul/Higher Self within. Instead of wondering whether we are receiving intuitive information, we come to know we are and are able to trust what we receive and take action on it.

This mineral is best used on a consistent basis and is safe to sleep with, although due to it’s higher vibrations, if you’re a visionary or visual at all, it is likely to bring you a lot of information in your dreams that would be helpful to you. Meditate with it, sleep with it or carry it with you and ask questions of it and then listen for the answers inside of yourself.

I’ve recently started pairing mine with Root of Lemurian Quartz ~ am not sure where am going with it as the energy is still a bit too WOO and heady, but they really seem to like each other, so will update this blog when I’ve had more of a chance to meditate with them both and see what happens 😉

If you have any of your own experiences with this magical Quartz, I’d be so grateful if you would share them below.

Many thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day/evening.

With Love and Bright Blessings

Krissy XXX


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