*NEW* Iron Rose Quartz ~ Healing the Heart

*NEW* Iron Rose Quartz ~ Healing the Heart

Hello There ūüôā

Its been awhile since I blogged about a crystal and this one certainly deserves to have the spotlight shined on it! A lovely client brought it to my attention a few months ago. He is doing a lot of work with Earth Energies & sacred geometry, really in depth, deep, new and innovative ancestral work and had been told by one of his tutors that this particular Rose Quartz is one of the best energies to be working with now. As soon as I felt it, it literally welded itself to my hand and my heart melted.

Newly discovered Iron Rose Quartz from Madagascar is simply out of this world. ¬†It is gemstone quality and usually, would all be taken to be made into jewellery. However, due to the inclusions of Iron throughout this vein of Rose Quartz, they won’t consider making it into jewellery as it is seen as being ‘flawed’.

Which is a huge advantage to us as a huge tranche has just been released to be sold to the public. And it is soooooo beautiful! The energy is so high, feminine and sparkly. The added inclusion of Iron actually balances, stabilises and completely supports our emotions when we’re struggling.

Rose Quartz is the crystal par excellence for any matters relating to the emotions. This crystal is fantastic when we have just taken a spiritual leap in vibration or awareness – we ALL need our emotions soothed at some point and Rose Quartz is very soothing during any emotional discord or change.

Our emotions are our guidance system to manifestation and creating our own reality ~ in order to manifest the life we want, we must have a strong emotional base that is balanced ~ otherwise, the emotional energy that is sent out into the Universe is emotionally chaotic and this, in turn, draws more chaos to us! Any time we go through change or emotional upset, we need to feel and experience those emotions, but then slowly bring ourselves back into balance, back into our adult selves where we can look at things rationally.

And that’s where the inclusion of Iron comes in! It adds a masculine flavour to the Rose Quartz that I’ve never felt before ~ the Rose Quartz itself works on the emotional side of things, whilst the more masculine feeling Iron calms any disruption in our sacral, solar plexus and mind. It’s a fantastic combination ūüôā Some people may see these pieces as flawed due to the Iron, but they look & feel beautiful to me ~ the veins of Iron cause little inclusions in the Rose Quartz that shimmer, sparkle and throw off rainbows!

Rose Quartz is excellent for fear, grief, relationships and giving and receiving¬†love. It is the crystal I would reach for if I’d ended a relationship or job or felt upset on any level. Rose Quartz is also good for the physical heart and circulation. My Nana used to take her Rose Quartz heart into hospital with her (as she had a lot of cardio problems in her 60s) and the nurses often commented on how hot it was in her hand. She used to swear by it and I’ll never forget the fascination on her face when she first held that heart and I knew she could feel the vibrations ūüôā

The high quality of this Rose Quartz combined with the iron inclusions brings a stronger, more grounded, more tangible feeling and energy than regular Rose Quartz. What’s even better, is it’s only a little costlier than regular Rose Quartz, so a very affordable crystal. ¬†This would be a great pocket crystal for those whom have been around crystal energies¬†for some time and find they need a little extra support on¬†the emotional side.

I have a piece myself and have used it frequently this summer during times of change. I literally couldn’t go anywhere without it for weeks and that is very unusual for me. I am so blessed and lucky to be around crystals every single day. For something to call to me consistently over a long period of time and to work so effectively is wonderful.

Enjoy and have a wonderful day.

With love and bright blessings

Krissy XXX


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