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Ancestralite ~ A Stone of Grounding, Clearing, Healing, Protection & Karma

Ancestralite is an unusual, new addition to the Mineral Kingdom. Originally found in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, it is slowly becoming one of the most popular minerals of recent times.

Ancestralite is a pseudomorph of Martite, which is a variety of Hematite formed under increased oxygen activity. It also has some similarity to Magnetite and would have been one of the first minerals created before any other form of life existed (ie. it’s old!). It was created deep within the Earth’s core as the planet formed, making its energy ancient and extremely powerful.

The presence of sparkly, shimmery specks suggests that Ancestralite underwent other processes within the Earth’s core and that it took millions of years for it to be pushed to the surface, blending with other minerals along the way.

This leads to Ancestralite having the dual ability of being able to clear energy and ground it at the same time. It’s like it came from deep within the Earth and the dawn of time on our planet to appear now to support us in healing the past and reaching for the stars!

When I first worked with this fascinating mineral, there was a huge influx of energy that seemed to come from above, below & within at the same time. I felt one emotion after another in quick succession. Images flicked through my head and there was a sense of going through a rolodex or filing cabinet. It felt like I was moving rapidly through past lives or memories as they were familiar to me, but not of this lifetime. The energy calmed down and the feeling that remained was ‘integration’.

On an energetic level, Ancestralite clears out the old and makes way for the new ~ the difference to other crystals that have this affect, is that it doesn’t do the work for you. If the ‘old’ energy is hanging around because we haven’t addressed an issue in our lives, then Ancestralite seems to clear it out of our physical energy system, but brings the issue right to the front of our emotions and mind in order that it be healed ~ and brings us good, solid intuitive guidance on how to go about it. This crystal makes us work ~ it helps to make the work easier, but doesn’t do it for us! Personally, I find that really empowering 🙂

Part of a healing journey is to acknowledge that there are cycles ~ we actually move around in a circular pattern, revisiting old wounds and healing the next little bit before moving on. The amount of times I’ve heard someone say ‘but I did so much work on that already, why am I back here again’……the answer is that we cannot heal wounds of deep magnitude overnight, not if we’re to learn & grow from the experience. It takes time, we have to circle back again and again as our wounds are also our biggest teachers! Ancestralite is a fantastic ally to use for issues such as these.

My feeling with Ancestralite is that it is coming to our awareness now so that we may heal ancestral and karmic cycles. Many families have unhealthy behavioural traits or perceptions that are passed down from generation to generation. There may have been nothing wrong with those viewpoints decades ago, but they may no longer suit today’s modern society. Others may be working with more serious matriarchal, patriarchal, behavioural or addiction issues.

Many light workers today are healing those issues so they aren’t passed on to future generations. Those whom are aware of the work they are doing have often declined to have children in this lifetime. The lineage literally ends with them so the drive and responsibility to heal is incredibly strong with this mineral anyway and even more so if the buck stops with them.  The energy of healing ourselves forms part of the collective energy in the world and the world needs that healing now, more than ever before!

Ancestralite brings me a lot of comfort because it has an earthy, supportive energy similar to that of Red Jasper. The Hematite element isn’t too overwhelming and grounding occurs really easily with this mineral. When consciously working with it however (as opposed to simply carrying it around) in meditation or with focused intent, it seems to open up a Pandora’s Box of information! Information that again is familiar, but new to me here and now.

I have yet to experiment with it using guided meditation, but if you struggle to meditate, Ancestralite can really help as you’ll fall easily and quickly into the journey you’re taking.

On a physical level, this mineral is calming, grounding and protective during times of stress and seems to support healing on all levels, directing us to the core issue in simple, effective ways. Too often we concentrate on the symptoms of physical illness. If we move to the core issue, the root of the problem and look at our illness from a spiritual perspective, we can often heal it right at its very core ~ and our symptoms disappear. Without healing the root problem, those symptoms usually return. Core issues may be things such as neglect, betrayal, death, guilt, grief, lack of self love, fear, anger etc.  As with many other Iron rich minerals, Ancestralite is said to be good for the blood, renal, endocrine and immune systems.

Ancestralite is here to help us heal from our own issues in this lifetime and, if it is part of our path, to heal issues related to past lives or our ancestors. Its aim is to connect us to the energy of both Earth and Stars, from the dawn of time to the present day and give us insight on how to move forwards. It takes us from a negative space to a more positive one in a grounded, quite exciting way ~ as long as we’re willing to do the work.

When I first picked Ancestralite up in the warehouse, I looked down and thought ‘Oooo, hello, you  mean business’. It’s a powerful mineral, not so much in how it feels, but it the learning, healing and awareness it facilitates from the time we start working with it. It keeps me centred in the adult side of myself.

Sometimes Ancestralite is subtle, you may not notice anything for awhile and then think back and realise you’ve been working on certain things or have been encouraged in more specific directions since connecting to it. At other times, it stimulates our intuition to bring forth colour, pictures, sound and insights in quite a rapid way. Almost like it figures out what we need most and when…… and then either paces us or pushes us onward.

If anyone else has any feedback from working with this relatively new mineral, please do drop me a line or comment below as I like to get a general consensus about other people’s experiences. That information goes towards building an accurate description for others to work with in the future.

Thank you for reading my blog and have a wonderful day

Bright Blessings






1 thought on “Ancestralite ~ A Stone of Grounding, Clearing, Healing, Protection & Karma”

  1. Samantha MacLaren

    Hi Krissy…. I started working with ancestralite yesterday. I began my meditation and was immediately blessed with the most beautiful turquoise light filling my inner vision. It was incredible. Within that light I could faintly see a golden grid pattern like the flower of life! Amazing stuff and I’m looking forward to working deeply with this stone!

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