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Crystals and Weight Loss

I have been trying to lose weight since last year. Well……thats what I told myself as I ate another chocolate bar! I did lose a little bit of weight, but then put it straight back on again plus a bit more.

This vicious cycle has been going on for most of my life, so finally I decided to TRULY do something about it this year. This has involved making lifestyle and healthy eating choices that are permanent.

Dieting and desperately trying to find substitutes for the sugary snacks we know we shouldn’t eat in large quantities doesn’t work. Diets that starve our body of the nutrients & vitamins it needs don’t work. Yo-Yo dieting, repeated ‘detoxing’, cutting out just one particular food group or any number of fad diets ~ none of these work in the long run.

The only thing that DOES work is making changes that are permanent. Anything undertaken for only a short period of time will stop working the minute we go back to our old habits. Been there, done that, should have manufactured that t-shirt as I’d be a rich woman now 😉

Everyone’s body is different, so the crystals that help to support us during weight loss will be different. It also doesn’t really benefit us on a deep level if we choose crystals that simply deal with symptoms as the root cause of our problem will still remain. There are so many reasons for struggling with our weight in adulthood, such as:

1. Lack of Education & Exercise ~ not everyone is raised to know where food comes from, what it does to our body, why we need it, how our body works and how to eat healthily. It is not our fault if we weren’t taught how to nutritionally care for our body and how to exercise on a regular basis. However, as an overweight adult, we are perfectly capable of researching, learning or asking for help/guidance. Some people do it through reading books, others Google, some join slimming clubs or exercise clubs ~ whatever works for you is great.  However, once we have an awareness that the things we’re eating that are causing a problem, the responsibility for making changes falls firmly on our shoulders. We can turn a blind eye to it, ignore it, suppress it ~ but awareness is just that ~ we know we’re doing something really unhealthy to ourselves.

If you fall into this category, I would recommend using a combination of Apatite and Sodalite. Apatite is said to suppress our appetite and Sodalite eases cravings and opens our mind to new ways of thinking. I would also recommend learning exactly what food and exercise can do to our body and why it is so important. If you want to ease cravings, learn about blood sugar balance. 

2. Emotional Eating ~ this one is my personal demon. If we struggle to process our emotions on any level, food often covers that up beautifully. We literally swallow the emotions we can’t process with the food we are consuming. Eating high sugar, high carbohydrate food releases all sorts of wonderful hormones and enzymes into our body that make us feel good for a short period of time. We eat the food, get the buzz from the sugar high and any difficult emotions we were feeling simply ease or disappear altogether. Some people eat when they are happy, others when they are low ~ for some, they’ll eat ANY time their emotions get heightened too much as they would have learned as a child that high emotion was not acceptable.

If you fall into this category, I would recommend using a combination of Apatite/Sodalite to curb the appetite and cravings and Mangano Calcite or Pink Kunzite to feel loved and supported emotionally. Rose Quartz would work too, but I find when it comes to weight loss and my emotions, I need something stronger so Mangano Calcite or Pink Kunzite fit the bill perfectly. I would also recommend dealing with the suppressed emotions, seeing a counsellor to learn how to start talking about those feelings and learning how to feel, accept and process emotion properly.


3. Not Feeling Safe ~ consider this……any layer of extra fat on our physical body represents an extra layer of protection to our subconscious. Some people gain weight when they do not feel safe. For me, this was entering a new relationship. Due to childhood trauma, relationships and being in love frighten my inner child so she would drive me to eat from a very early age. She’d eat to swallow down the uncomfortable emotions for a start, but the closer a relationship became, the more she’d want to eat ~ literally gaining weight to put a layer of protection around my body so that I would feel safe and it would push the other person away. This is definitely a child’s logic because as an adult, I know the partners I have been with don’t really care what size I am.  For some, fear triggers over eating, but for most, it goes back to our childhood on some level or the weight starts to creep on if our relationships become unstable.

The stones I would recommend if you feel this point resonates are Black Tourmaline for protection and Black Onyx for both protection and the release of anxiety. Hold the word ‘safety’ in your mind when looking for the right crystal or say to the Universe ‘which crystal will make me feel safer’ and you will be drawn to the right crystal for you. I would also consider doing some inner child work, to interact with your inner child to teach her that there isn’t danger any more and that she is safe ~ this will stop those subconscious drives that make us feel unsafe and push us to eat more.

4. Lack of Sleep ~ sounds a bit silly, but it’s true. A good night’s sleep is imperative for losing weight ~ the more our body can get into a regular rhythm, the more successful our weight loss will be. What time we eat makes a difference too ~ click on this link to read about the mini-fast method. This is a method that really works for me as I am able to exercise in the morning (even if its only taking the dogs for a walk) and have never been a big fan of breakfast. Without enough sleep, our body is tired and what we then crave is a quick fix ~ caffeine, sugar or stimulants. In reality, they offer little energy and make us crave more of the same within a short space of time. Make sure you get enough sleep when focusing on losing weight and use a Howlite crystal ~ it is inexpensive, easily obtainable and works a treat for those whom suffer from anxiety, an over-active mind or insomnia.

There are several other crystals that help to support us ~ Amethyst eases addictive patterns or at least shows us the higher reasons behind them, Citrine is a stone that anyone losing weight should consider carrying as it is SUCH a wonderful crystal for boosting our belief and confidence in ourselves. It has the added benefit of helping our digestive system as changing our diet can often cause a bit of trouble  in that area until things settle down again.  Ametrine is a natural combination of Amethyst and Citrine so kills two birds with one stone as it provides both spiritual, mental and physical support.

Botswana Agate is also extremely helpful when trying to break any bad habits or addictive patterns. It’s soothing, it boosts our intent (so program it wisely) and also amplifies the energy of other crystals.

Kyanite is excellent on a spiritual level to give us a stronger connection to our Higher Selves and conscious mind as well as to other forms of external energy support (such as Spirit, Angelics etc). Larimar also works wonders as it is the crystal of self care, of self nurturing and self support.  If you’d like to see if any of these suggested crystals are in stock, simply click on the name of the crystal above highlighted in pink.

There are many other reasons for being overweight, but the above four are the main ones outside of medical conditions. If we want to lose weight, we simply need to move more and eat less. It’s not rocket science, but when we’ve been caught in a vicious cycle or pattern of some kind for many years, when food has become a way of easing anxiety, processing or avoiding emotion or a comfort on any level, then it is a LOT harder than it sounds.

It really comes down to WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? If you’re happy being overweight and feel no negativity from it, then that is absolutely fine. Some people prefer to carry more weight and don’t beat themselves up about it ~ they’re proud of their curves and have every right to be because we are all unique & different 🙂

If, however, being overweight causes you to have a lot of self doubt and to give yourself a hard time, constantly comparing yourself to slimmer people and starting fad diet after fad diet, or joining a slimming club, losing the weight, then putting it all back on the minute you stop attending the club…….its time to look deeper. Look at the root cause of the issue, the psychology behind your particular issue and start to work on that and look at making dietary or lifestyle changes that are for LIFE.

Crystals support us in taking action. A crystal alone will not help us to lose weight ~ we could carry every single crystal mentioned above, but if we’re not willing to change our dietary or exercise habits, then crystals truly won’t do much to help. They will support our intent, but won’t do the job for us. 

I hope you’ve found this article useful. Please feel free to share it if you think it may help someone else as I have recently been asked about crystals & weight loss a lot given am rapidly losing weight (18lbs in 11 weeks). I am losing weight under the guidance and supervision of a qualified physical trainer & nutritionist however as I knew with my underlying psychological issues, professional advice & support were needed. I also feel like I am investing in my future. My body will be fit, strong and agile as it ages and that is extremely important to me. Mobility and good health in my 60s is essential as there are still SO many experiences I’d still like to have in life.

It is hard work, but rewarding as I feel AMAZING! No more dips in energy, no sleep issues, no digestive issues (which is a miracle after suffering with IBS for 15 years!) and a general stabilising of hormonal cycles, mood swings and emotional balance. The added bonus is my metabolism is now on fire too, so even if I have a cheat day or a few drinks on a weekend, it makes no difference….the weight is still coming off 🙂

Have a wonderful day, with love and blessings

Krissy XXX

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