Colour : Pale pink, absolutely see through with veins of rusty coloured Iron throughout.
Chakra : Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown
Physical : Aids in healing heart disease, circulatory problems & any illnesses stemming from emotional upset.
Spiritual : Our emotions are our guidance system to manifestation and creating our own reality ~ in order to manifest the life we want, we must have a strong emotional base that is balanced ~ otherwise, the emotional energy that is sent out into the Universe is emotionally chaotic and this, in turn, draws more chaos to us! Any time we go through change or emotional upset, we need to feel and experience those emotions, but then slowly bring ourselves back into balance, back into our adult selves where we can look at things rationally. And that’s where the inclusion of Iron comes in! It adds a masculine flavour to the Rose Quartz that I’ve never felt before ~ the Rose Quartz itself works on the emotional side of things, whilst the more masculine feeling Iron calms any disruption in our sacral, solar plexus and mind.

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