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Luna Rose ~ Gentle, Compassionate Love

I was called to work with Luna Rose several months ago now. Even though there had been a big buzz around it at the Tuscon Rock & Gem Show a few years ago, I didn’t feel drawn to it until late last year. Then, all of a sudden, I couldn’t get enough of it. My Mum was the same as she’d accompanied me on the supplier trip that day. She kept pointing out a crystal that was calling to her and several times in a row, it was different forms of Luna Rose. At this point, I was connecting deeply to the energies of Compassion, Forgiveness and a really stable, nourishing form of love. All of these energies were what I needed to give myself, first and foremost and I have slept or worked with a piece of this beautiful mineral every day since.

Luna Rose is a crystal of quiet power. For me, this beautiful mineral carries a far deeper energy of love and emotional balance than that of Rose Quartz alone. It also feels very different to Iron Rose Quartz. It’s hard to explain in words….. Luna Rose, quite simply, is more nourishing. It’s frequency sinks far deeper into the body, so it’s not working purely on our emotional field and, instead, is working on the energy of love deep within our cells.

For me, Rose Quartz works on an emotional level. Iron Rose Quartz works on an emotional and mental level. Luna Rose works on both of those and then brings the energy of love into the physical body. This helps greatly if, like me, you can occasionally be an emotional eater. Consciously reaching for Luna Rose instead of the fridge door has been helping me to pay attention to my emotions and when I want to suppress them with food or avoid them by eating sugar for the Dopamine hit that makes me feel happy, so I don’t have to sit with uncomfortable feelings. It works best when we are truly ready to surrender to the opening of our personal power centre (heart for men, sacral for women). If you’re a man or woman who has shut down or had to protect your heart, Luna Rose provides the deep comfort and safety to allow you to slowly start to open that up again to receive. Feminine energy is receptive and linked directly to our levels of Self Worth.

Luna Rose is Rose Quartz that has grown with Graphite. It was originally discovered in Namibia and also grows in Madagascar. There are some sellers saying this form of Rose Quartz has been irradiated or created by man. Am not sure where they got this information from as it simply isn’t true. The Graphite brings in a blend of silvery, grey hues that are soft, gentle and work beautifully with the pinks. On an energetic level, Graphite is a fantastic conductor of energy, which is why Luna Rose reaches the depths of our cellular, physical body, rather than just working with our emotions. This makes it a fantastic stone to work with when doing ancestral work or when clearing deep trauma from our body permanently. Graphite also brings in a sense of power, strength and grounding, so we feel a sense of stability and safety. This makes it a great stone for our Inner Child or Teen too.

This makes Luna Rose a stone of transformation, of gentleness, of love and compassion as that is what we resonate at authentically, underneath any trauma, wounding, betrayal, loss or upset we’ve experienced during our lifetime. This mineral works to bring love into all of our systems ~ mental, emotional, physical and spiritual so that we may connect to the true essence of who we are through the energy of Love. Luna Rose supports us in letting go, of cutting ties and dissolving negative thoughts, feelings or attachments.

Luna Rose is also the epitome of Divine Feminine energy. This mineral works best when used consistently as, like healthy feminine energy, there is no rush, there is no overwhelm, there is no reason to do anything other than be with our feelings and to treat ourselves with kindness, sympathy and compassion ~ to treat ourselves and give to ourselves as much as we do others. This makes Luna Rose an excellent support for healers, therapists and carers as more often than not, those amazing human beings are fabulous at giving, but not that great at receiving. Luna Rose supports us in trusting ourselves and the Universe that everything will come at the right time and there is no need to get stressed or feel anxiety. I sleep like a baby with this crystal under my pillow and it calms any stress or anxiety the minute I consciously connect with it.

Luna Rose can help bring harmony, peace and trust into your life and heart and is a fantastic ally after betrayal or loss. When carried on our person, it can help us to process grief in a healthy way, rather than suppressing or detaching ourselves from it.

On a physical level, Luna Rose is fantastic for the heart & circulatory system, lungs & respiratory system and our reproductive system. It is also said to help those with fertility issues, menstrual problems or PMS. It works deeply with our central nervous system to calm anxiety and has helped me to learn how to pull back from situations and to slow down in time to avoid going into overwhelm. It’s like I am consciously held, just before things become too much and am able to take a step back and come back to centre. This makes Luna Rose a really good crystal for those suffering from PTSD, shock or trauma.

Meditating, especially inner child guided meditations, feel absolutely blissful with Luna Rose. Also, if you’re wanting to connect with Spirit, Angelic energy or Universal energy, this mineral allows you to open your heart and feel joy. These are some of the highest frequencies a human being can carry, which makes it much easier for us to connect to 5D and those on the other side of the veil.

All in all, this is my new favourite comfort crystal and one that I’ll be working or sleeping with for the foreseeable future.

With Love and Bright Blessings, Krissy


3 thoughts on “Luna Rose ~ Gentle, Compassionate Love”

  1. Lorraine Kinley

    Hi Krissy,
    Back in 2019 I got a piece of pink Lunar Quartz and a piece of grey Lunar Quartz from Namibia. I would like to share with you what I saw and heard when I held the crystals.

    Pink LQ – begin each day with hope and a blessing, giving thanks for the potential of the new day.

    This is what I saw – the dawn is breaking and everything is pink and gold as the sun comes over the horizon. Kneeling beside a small lake is a woman of the Fair Folk. There are pink lotus blossoms growing in the lake. The water sheens with the gold of the sun. The woman is beautiful and serene. Her hair is gold. Her skin glows golden from the sun’s rays. Her dress is a floaty pink chiffon type of Grecian garmet. As she faces east, she dips her cupped hands into the water and offers to the sun, saying “We are one”.

    Grey LQ – at the end of the day be glad for what challenges you have faced, the lessons learned and the truths shown.

    This is what I saw – I am in the countryside and the colours are the twilight blues and greys I remember from Midsummer on the Isle of Man. As I watch, a female Elf warrior wearing leather garments in the same twilight colours comes striding along a pale, well made path. The path leads to a cliff face. When she arrives at the cliff face 2 pale blue doors appear. With a hand on each door, she gives a shove at the doors. The doors open to the night sky showing all the stars in the galaxy. The female Elf stands still in shock and wonder – and then she smiles. She has her answer.

    I was surprised at the details I was shown. Now I am curious if I see something with the combined stones.
    Love and Light, Lorraine

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Thank you SO much for sharing your experiences with Luna Quartz. How beautiful and lovely for anyone reading this blog. Sending you much love and gratitude Lorraine xxx

      1. Thank you for your kind words : ) I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the combined pink and grey Lunar Quartz, but she didn’t disappoint.
        There was an immediate Yin and Yang kind of feeling when I first held the crystal.
        The message I received was for a need to find balance and harmony in all things.
        Then the image came of the might and roar of a thundering waterfall that leads to the calm and serene waters of a beautiful lake.
        I think it is lovely of the Mother to include so many messages in the different aspects of Lunar Quartz.
        Love and Light,

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