Calcite ~ Essential Crystals

Calcite ~ Essential Crystals

Calcite is a carbonate mineral that starts off as Aragonite, but turns to Calcite when heated to between 380-470C.

On an energetic level, I think Calcite is one of the most beautiful crystals in the Mineral Kingdom. There are many different colours of Calcite, but as a generalisation, the energy of any Calcite is supportive, strengthening and comforting. When we’re drawn to a piece, we know its going to do its job. Calcite’s are an extremely reliable and faithful crystal tool! I think a lot of people overlook Calcite in an effort to find rarer, more impressive looking crystals. Calcite is amazing however…..each colour creates a completely different vibration that seems to penetrate deep into our energetic bodies on ALL levels. Calcite stabilises energy waves, which is absolutely essential for anyone working in a spiritual or energetic line of work.

The largest documented piece of calcite originated in Iceland and measured 7×7×2 m and weighed about 250 tons!! Calcite rich seas are part of our planet’s documented history. Calcite feels very slippery and tactile. The below picture is of a cave so huge, it has its own weather system! There is a massive Calcite boss that dwarves the man below. Credit: The Collective Intelligence


A general, quick guide to the metaphysical properties of different coloured Calcites:

Clear/Optical Calcite: Spiritual growth, vision, seeing through deception by self & others, clarity, channelling

Pink/Mangano Calcite:  Heart, healing deep emotional wounds, loss, grief, broken relationships, heart surgery, emotional upset or upheaval.

Blue Calcite: Throat, neck, communication, speaking our truth, respiratory system, recuperation, cleansing, clears the mind.

Orange Calcite: Solar Plexus, happiness, self confidence, mood enhancing, fibro myalgia, CFS, SAD, trusting ourselves & the bigger picture.

Green Calcite: Reveals root cause for anger related disease, liver, renal system, releasing old patterns, cleansing, soothing after trauma.

Honey Calcite: Solar Plexus, self confidence, self esteem, creativity, manifestation, trusting ourselves & the bigger picture. 

Calcite is so easy to work with. It can be placed in our pockets or under a pillow. Its not an expensive crystal, so I’ve got a few Orange Calcite crystal t-light holders, which are amazing on dark winter nights. Just looking at them raises mood and energy levels.

I use Green & Blue Calcite in the bath all the time. Calcite can’t be left in water, but it can be thrown in the bath, even with bath bubbles or oils and they simply wash off afterward. I’d recommend a Calcite and Epsom Salt bath any time you’re feeling down, tired, physically aching, fatigued or just fed up!  Blue & Green Calcite in a bath feels like an energetic cleanse and I find Calcite baths soothing and rejuvenating. I don’t feel full of energy afterward, just very calm, stable and at ease.

Honey Calcite is great for creativity and keeping a positive outlook on life. I use small chips in crystal grids and manifestation work all the time. Clear Calcite or Icelandic Spar is SO cool to work with on a channelling level. Pop a piece in front of you and get to work……inspiration, our intuition and creative energy just flows. Mangano Calcite (Pink) is simply beautiful. It holds my heart stable and emotions strong regardless of what life throws. I gave a large, crystal Mangano Calcite heart to my Nana when she underwent heart surgery and she kept it with her & used it often…….until it was returned to me when she passed. I still reach for it now if I need some emotional strength.

If you haven’t worked with calcite yet, please do so. You won’t regret it 🙂

Much Love

Krissy xxx

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