How To Use a Crystal For Meditation

How To Use a Crystal For Meditation

Following on from my recent blog on how to meditate and various different types of meditation (Click Here to read), I’d like to share today how I meditate using crystals.

These are my own personal experiences, which may run parallel to or be entirely different to other people’s experiences, for we are all so uniquely different. I highly recommend trying different types of meditation to see which works best for you 🙂

Firstly, decide which crystal you would like to use. If you have never used a crystal during meditation, I would start with Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz is an amplifier, so as we fall into a meditative state and our auric field relaxes and expands outward, the Clear Quartz will amplify any positive energy and raise our vibrations higher, which aids a meditative state. There is a list below of different crystals I have found useful during various meditations as we can use them for all sorts of purposes.

Secondly, ensure that your chosen crystal is fully cleansed and charged. Then hold the crystal in your hand and set the intention (ask in your mind) for the crystal to help during meditation, to raise your vibrations or to store any information received during the meditation so you can go back to the crystal at a later date and be reminded of anything that occurred.

Thirdly, decide whether you want to meditate lying down or sitting up. If you prefer to sit up, get yourself into a comfortable position. This is usually cross legged, with the back straight, but relaxed. Our hands naturally fall into our lap in this position. If your back tends to ache or hurt on any level, sit on a bed and lean against the headboard or pop a cushion on the floor and lean against a wall. Ensure that you are warm, comfortable and relaxed. Hold the crystal in both hands in your lap.

If you haven’t tried meditation before, I’d suggest trying different guided meditations. It is much easier to focus the mind and relax if we’re listening to a voice and following instructions. There are a huge variety of guided meditations available on the internet. Let yourself be guided to 2 or 3 different options and try them out.


If you prefer to meditate lying down, then ensure it is not late at night or at a time when you’re feeling sleepy as you’ll probably just fall asleep.

If lying down, crystals can be placed on the chakra points or on the third eye or above our heads where the crown chakra leads up to the etheric chakras. They can also be held in our hands or placed anywhere close to the body. Again, ensure you are comfortable, relaxed and warm. A step by step guide for this isn’t necessary. Simply set your intent in your mind and pop the crystals where you feel most comfortable placing them. There is no right or wrong, only experimentation and play 🙂

Meditation is a skill we need to learn, it doesn’t happen automatically or immediately for many people. For those who have tried it a few times and think they can’t do it…..think again. It just takes finding the right kind of meditation that works for you and creating a discipline where we start with just five minutes a day, every day, for a few weeks. Once we feel comfortable, we can lengthen the amount of time we meditate. If starting with a guided meditation, find one that you really enjoy and do it every day. Sometimes it will always feel the same, but often it will alter as we become more used to it and relax deeper into the experience.

Our mind will be filled with all sorts of things at first and you may find that the more you try to clear your mind, the more things pop up. Thats OK, acknowledge the thoughts and let them go. If you find yourself dwelling on something, as soon as you become conscious of the fact, say in your mind ‘I let this thought go’ and do just that!

If I find myself struggling to move on from a thought, I’ll often say ‘delete the record’ and imagine an eraser rubbing it out. Our mind is an incredibly powerful tool and WE are in control of it, not the other way around. Keep at it for a few weeks before deciding a particular form of meditation isn’t for you.

I have personally used all of the below crystals, but we can meditate with any crystal ~ as long as it is cleansed, charged up and set with our intention. As said previously, there is no right or wrong….work with whatever crystal calls to you.

We can ask crystals to help draw energy into our system or help to release it. We can ask to be connected to our Higher Self or to connect with our Spirit/Animal/Angelic Guides and receive information. We can sit with a crystal in meditation just to simply see what it has to tell us. Set your intention and there are no limits to what we can experience.

Some examples are:

  • Lapis Lazuli ~ for clearing the mind of busy-ness and thoughts
  • Clear Quartz ~ for raising our vibrations so we can receive information clearly. Also excellent for storing any information we receive
  • Shamanic Dream Stone (Lodolite) ~ for guided meditation or journeying in a meditative state
  • Amethyst ~ for drawing in spiritual energy to the third eye
  • Blue Calcite ~ for calming the system and bringing in information related to physical issues
  • Selenite ~ for connecting to the Spirit or Angelic Realms
  • Moldavite ~ for an out of this world meditative experience. This is a powerful stone to work with so I would advise becoming practised in meditation before using it
  • Danburite ~ for connecting with our Spirit or Animal Guides
  • Malachite ~ for examining issues and releasing negative thoughts and feelings
  • Satyaloka Quartz ~ for out of body experiences and complete connection to our Higher Self
  • Natural Citrine ~ for creative inspiration and guidance
  • Aura Quartz ~ Angel Aura for inner calm & connection to external beings, Celestial Aura for inner calm and connection to our Higher Self.

Meditation can often leave us feeling a bit floaty or ‘out of it’ afterwards. I recommend keeping a crystal close by to ground yourself afterwards. Various options are Smokey Quartz, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx and Red Jasper. Find the one that works best for you. If we feel a bit wobbly, eating something is a good way to ground our energy.

So go forth and experiment, play, experience and find what works best for you. Meditation is a fantastic way to calm the mind and body, to settle our emotions so that we can clearly connect to our inner knowing and guidance.

We don’t have to sit and chant OM, we don’t have to sit and think of absolutely nothing ~ the aim of meditation should simply be to focus, to relax, to calm our entire system down so that we can think, feel and act from a peaceful state of being.

With much love

Krissy, XXX

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