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Change……Easier Said than Done!

The April Forecast this month is all about CHANGE (Please click here for latest forecast for the month of April).

For many of us, change is frightening. For those that have been walking a spiritual or self-help path for some time, the changes we’re being asked to make now may affect our significant others, our children, our friends & family or the way we feel safe and secure in the world. Even if we are only working on ourselves, we’re changing our identities and sense of who we are. Deep inner change causes large external changes as the Universe has to move and fall in line with our new vibration. Change on such deep levels can tip our world upside down.

Many are being asked to leave long-term relationships that no longer serve. Others are being asked to leave jobs or homes that may offer stability or security. Others still are being asked to move home or to address long-term patterns of self-sabotage or patterns of behaviour that hold us back and keep us safe….but ultimately unhappy.

So being asked to move with the flow and ‘change’ isn’t as easy as it sounds. One thing I have discovered over the years is that once we are aware of what needs to be changed, the longer we postpone it and do nothing, the more pressure we put ourselves under. The stress of managing things in the old ways we’re used to weighs heavy on our hearts and minds. We expend a lot of energy, desperately trying to hold something together that truly needs to alter in order for us to find happiness and peace.


Even more importantly ~ if we sit and do nothing when changes have to be made…..when the energy peaks like it does in April, the choice and control is often taken away from us. Change takes a LOT of effort for some of us. It usually requires us to step outside our comfort zone, to make huge efforts and often face great challenges in order to get where we need to go. My question to you is: ‘Would you like to control the pace and way in which it happens? Or would you rather sit back and let the Universe do it for you?’

Option one can be mature, calm, well thought out and everyone’s needs considered to the best of our ability. Option two tends to result in drama, chaos and a feeling of overwhelm or being out of control of the situation.

Heraclitus of Ephesus, an ancient Greek philosopher was the man whose doctrine stated that change was central to the Universe. Its where such terms as ‘Everything flows; nothing stands still’ and ‘The only constant in life is change’ come from.

I’ll blog part two tomorrow on how we can smoothly manage change in our life.

Much Love

Krissy XXX

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