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Personal Story ~ Seeing Auras & Spirit

 Have you ever seen someone’s aura? I have. It is one of the most beautiful, amazing and wonderful things I have ever seen. As much as it fascinated me however, it also really scared me.

We all have intuitive skills. Each of us is gifted in a different way. My gifts lie in perception and being clairsentient. This means that when I step into someone else’s energy field, commonly known as their ‘aura’, I can tell things about that person. On a mediumistic level, if Spirit step close to my auric field, I can feel what they are feeling and sense, in my mind’s eye, whether they are male or female, an approximate age and usually what they are trying to convey emotionally. I sense emotion stronger than anything else.

If we step on a spiritual path, our intuitive gifts will develop in some way. We aren’t all meant to sense spirit, be psychics or be able to read people. Some of us are wonderful healers, often of the heart & mind or have a knack with physical healing. Some work with children better than adults, others work with animals & nature better than humans. We all have a gift, it just needs to be developed.

I have been ‘sensing’ and feeling things all of my life, but when I really stepped up and offered myself to the Universe in service, I think I was tested in various ways to see which path was best. Am not sure whether this happens to all of us, only that it was an incredible part of my journey. Anyone whom has read The Celestine Prophecy will know that there is an auric or energy field around everything that is alive. If we look straight at a flower, tree or person, we aren’t likely to see it……but if we allow our eyes to go soft and out of focus, and glance slightly away, we can often see a glow or light around anything alive. I had practised this many times and seen the glow, but nothing more than that.

One day, whilst sitting on a tube train on the London Underground, I looked up at a woman sat opposite me and her body simply exploded into shimmering colours. It took my breath away and I gasped, then ducked my head as people looked round. I kept glancing at the woman, then away again to see if the colours would fade, but they didn’t. They stayed bright and vibrant and moved and sparkled around her body in gentle waves. I could see where some areas were really bright and others were dark.

Now I am used to sensing energy and feeling areas of the body that may be moving faster or slower, but I had never seen them before. I got off the tube and wondered about it for days. Was I supposed to speak to or help that woman? Would it happen again? Would I start seeing colours around everyone?




About a week later I was lying on my bed in the afternoon. It was summer, so all the windows and my front door were open. I moved into a deep meditative state and, as often happens, fell asleep. I awoke to a gorgeous man standing at the bottom of my bed. He had fair skin and hair, sparkling green eyes and was dressed from head to foot in white. Afterward, I wished I’d slowed down and paid more attention….at the time however, I absolutely and unabashedly FREAKED OUT!

There was a strange MAN in my BEDROOM, stood at the foot of my bed, watching and smiling. I could see him clear as a bell and all that happened was my body flooded with fear and I screamed blue murder! Within the blink of an eye, he was gone. It was only then that I realised he must have been someone in Spirit as he’d simply disappeared…. one minute he was there, the next second, he was gone.

A wise friend and excellent medium had once told me that Spirit will test us. She also reiterated time and time again that we are always in control. That Spirit will not bring us anything we do not want and will go away if we ask them to. I told the Universe, that afternoon, in no uncertain terms that if I EVER saw anything like that again, then I’d shut my senses down completely. It was so scary waking up to a strange man in my bedroom. On reflection, he looked harmless enough and was most certainly a guide of some sort, but I just cannot handle ‘seeing’ things. In my mind’s eye, fine, that’s in my own head and I can deal with whatever I am shown. In reality however….in front of me as if they are real? NOOOOOOOOOO!  I can often feel what happened to a Spirit when they passed ~ not so bad if its a heart attack, not so nice if its an impact injury such as a fall or car accident. On what level would I want to ‘see’ that? Yuk!

I have the utmost respect for true clairvoyants and have had conversations at length with many fantastic mediums. They can’t understand how I’d want to feel someone just as I can’t understand how they’d want to see something as if it were real. Am happy with my senses just as they are and really don’t need to see and hear what I’m already feeling. I’ll always remember that woman’s amazing aura and often wish I could have kept the ability to see energy. It doesn’t appear to work that way however, it seems to be an all or nothing approach. So I’ll just be happy with how well I can feel emotions and draw knowledge and psychic intuition from that….and leave the seeing to others 😉

Much love

Krissy XXX

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