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Dumortierite ~ The Divine Masculine, Clarity, Self Acceptance & Self Forgiveness

Dumortierite is an amazing mineral to work with. The majority of Dumortierite is blue, often a dark blue/black colour. However, when there are inclusions of iron or aluminium variants (which is rare), this colour can change to brown, green, pink or pale purple.

Dumortierite was first discovered in France in 1881 by paleontologist Eugene Dumortier, although this mineral can now be located in various countries in Europe, Africa, America, Asia and South America. Despite these many localities, it can still be a difficult mineral to source as it is used heavily in industry, particularly in the making of high quality porcelain & ceramics.

Many people confuse Dumortierite with Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli. The easiest way to check is that Sodalite usually has obvious white or cream lines running through it. Lapis Lazuli can also contain these lines and high grade Lapis contains Iron Pyrite. So if you come across a dark blue stone with patches of black that has no lines or sparkly, gold coloured Iron Pyrite inclusions, it is more than likely Dumortierite.

Dumortierite is said to clear mental fog, confusion or discombobulation (love that word!) and dissolve mental energy blocks. It enhances intuition and brings logic and clear interpretation of intuitive messages that are received, enabling us to communicate them clearly and efficiently. Whilst intuition is a feminine energy, how we interpret those intuitive messages is down to our mind and masculine energy, so I see Dumortierite as a stone of the Divine Masculine, ensuring that we use and communicate our intuitive insights from a place of healthy, rational balance.

Dumortierite is helpful to those who see themselves as outsiders. It supports us in feeling more connected to both the Universe and those around us. If there are any issues around fear of being judged or seen, Dumortierite is an amazing crystal ally that will bring to the surface the reasons for our keeping ourselves separate or hidden from others.

It is perfect for those struggling to fit in, a wonderful energy to aid us in moving towards self acceptance. As we clear and heal that which causes us to judge or reject ourselves, Dumortierite can pave the way for self forgiveness. I can’t tell you how incredible it is to release self judgement and step into a place of self forgiveness, having done so several times in the past year! Shifting low vibrational energy allows us to take action on creating a better life for ourselves. Another attribute of the Divine Maculine.

Dumortierite is also excellent for those who were raised with a strong sense of right and wrong, which often results in black and white thinking. This form of thinking creates huge conflict in relationship as it blinds us to seeing other people’s points of view or experience. After all, if you feel you’re right about something and can only think in black & white, you will always view the other person as ‘wrong’. Dumortierite allows our mind to open so that we can see in shades of grey and come to accept that each person has a different view, perspective or experience from us and that these differences do not make them ‘wrong.

Dumortierite in Quartz is a wonderful, rare mineral. As you can see above, when Dumortierite grows within Quartz and is of the very highest quality, it looks absolutely stunning. However, high quality stones of this mineral are incredibly rare and insanely expensive.

There are tranches of Dumortierite in Quartz recently released from China that are fake. A good indicator for identifying the fake mineral is the Quartz of the fake  is always a solid, snowy, milky white ~ whereas on real pieces there are areas that should be more see through or show the natural variation of clear/shiny pieces of Quartz mixed in with the white, more opaque quartz ~ rather than a solid, milky white throughout. It also tends to have a grainy, often slippery feel to it where it’s been acid washed. True Dumortierite in Quartz cannot be acid washed as it would destroy the surface of the quartz. I have tried to work with the fake mineral, just to test the difference, but if felt so unnatural and unpleasant to touch, there was very little vibration to it at all.

The added benefit of Quartz amplifies all of the traits of the Dumortierite and expands our auric field, raising our vibration to aid that connection to our higher selves and provide clear interpretation around guidance from the Universe.

On a physical level, I tapped in and simply received ‘Dumortierite is metabolic’, meaning it is likely to enhance our metabolism and the rate at which our cells rejuvenate. For this reason, it’s a great mineral to use during times of physical trauma or if we have to have an operation. It keeps our mind clear and ensures our body is working at it’s most optimum to heal.

I would use Dumortierite on a consistent basis. Carry it with you or use it daily for a full lunar cycle or even just for a week. Pay attention to how your mind and intuition are working and if you can, journal down any insights you receive. They will really help to shift and motivate you forwards in life.

With brightest of blessings

Krissy XXX



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