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The RISE of the Divine Feminine

This blog has been brewing for a while now ~ around two years actually. The subject of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine has fascinated me for a long time.

To me, Divine Feminine energy is present in all of us, regardless of gender. It permeates every atom in the Universe as it is the energy that governs the natural cycles we all live by. It has been depicted throughout history since the dawn of time. Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Soul Sisters and all female tribes are just some manifestations. We see it in the compassionate, nurturing, creative, beautiful, strong & intuitive energy that many Women carry ~ it is the energy that makes transformation possible ~ whether we transform ourselves, our relationships, our family, our community, our nation or indeed our WORLD.

That is true power, which is why women, their achievements, their power and their creative Spirit have been wiped from history over & over again through the centuries. It is even proposed by many experts that a piece of the Bible is missing ~ the part that was all about Women.

I have been lucky enough to study astrology for many, many years now and combine it with an ability to connect dots and bring information together ~ from across all ages in time. Astrology is incredibly handy, as when we look back, we can see exactly when an event or experience is sparked or begins. In 2020, we finally moved across an astrological line that took us energetically into the ‘Age of Aquarius’. However, we can’t move humanity from one energy into another based on a single day/date. There isn’t a ‘click’ and suddenly everything changes. Transformation of this magnitude takes years and is triggered in a multitude of ways. Astrologically, this happens in stages ~ so that which is old, outworn & no longer working can be transmuted into something better. The stage we’re in now is the very beginning ~ and it is calling on the Souls of Women.

The spark that ignited the first wave of the Divine Feminine to start coming home to themselves began several years ago in 2017. Cast your mind back to 2017. What happened in that year that set you on a path of healing, self awareness or transformation? What had you finally had enough of? A set of eclipses touched all Souls who had signed up to find and shine their Divine Feminine light. It is not an easy call to answer as it requires that we do deep, personal work on behalf of ourselves, our ancestors and the collective. These brave women were called to heal, clear, release, grow, transmute and transform anything within them that got in the way of them standing in their Sovereignty and Authentic Truth. Most of us are still on that path now.

The Age of Aquarius is all about truth. It is humanitarian, demands quantifiable facts, transparency, empathy, compassion, connection and collaboration. Our World currently runs on an old, masculine, top-down hierarchy of fear, manipulation, deception, greed and control that has brought humanity to where it is today. It has persecuted, suppressed, controlled & demonised women whilst creating a version of the masculine that has become emasculating or toxic. There is always a purpose, a pattern, a reason for these things however.

Centuries of humanity being subjected to this old energy has created damage and wounding in ancestral bloodlines across the World, passed down from grandparent to parent to child for many generations now. Some patterns are learned behaviour. Some of them reside deep in our genetic make up at a cellular level. These are the exact wounds we are being called to heal within ourselves today. Abandonment, suppression, neglect, addiction, loss, abuse, betrayal, lack of self worth or feeling like no one is there for us are some examples.

In my personal experience, the rise of the Divine Feminine is the journey we take to remove anything that gets in the way of us standing in our Feminine Power and I guarantee, the above mentioned wounds do exactly that. We carry the responsibility of clearing/healing that within ourselves that has been passed down our entire ancestral line and will continue to do so unless we step up to stop it. In doing this difficult, often heart breaking work as individual woman, all over the World, we begin to RISE. As we rise individually, the energy in the collective rises and the power dynamic in our World starts to shift. We are literally healing the past, healing the present and healing the future. We’re clearing out all of that old, toxic energy. All the damage, the pain, the loneliness, the trauma, the conflict, the drama & the confusion. Divine Feminine energy is transformational and we are literally being called to do our part in transforming our World into something BETTER. Something that supports, nurtures and respects Nature and all people.

For me, it was a weighty realisation when it landed, yet simultaneously, it felt like an honour too. My Ego popped in and shrieked ‘there’s no way me doing this work is going to help change the World’. To which my guides replied with an image in my mind’s eye. Glowing, partly golden, sparkly, almost blinding white lights. So, soooooo many of them stretching as far as the eye could see, like glitter or the stars on a clear night. I then heard the words ‘You are not alone, there are MILLIONS of you and you are ALL one’. I quickly did some research and discovered that yes, there are, in fact, Divine Feminine blogs, groups, workshops, books, You Tube videos and women doing this work all over the Globe. My heart started to sing as a huge wave of relief, excitement, hope, knowing & determination washed over me.

I am going to go off piste a little bit here, but please stay with me 😉 Many who are doing this transformational work are also, consciously, doing multi dimensional work. It’s hard to explain dimensions as they are present, yet can’t be seen in everyday life. They can only be felt and we can move through multiple dimensions simultaneously as all are always present, but all aren’t always accessible. I understand them energetically, but struggle to put that into words. One thing I have noticed throughout the spiritual community is the focus on the 3rd Dimension and the 5th Dimension.

The 3rd Dimension is our human, day to day lives and the dimension in which our physical body resides. It is masculine energy. The 4th Dimension contains our emotions and thoughts, all our wounding, our shadow side and all elements of our combined feelings & psychology. It is feminine energy. The 5th dimension is the realm of Spirit, of astral travel, of journeying, chats with our Higher Self, our intuitive connection to the Universe and the support we receive from all forms of guides. It is neutral energy.

The energy of being in the 5th Dimension can be addictive as our emotions become neutral and our intuitive perceptions expand hugely. Those people who seem a bit ‘away with the faeries’ (of which I have rightly been accused of in the past!) are often spending way too much time in the 5th Dimension and not enough time in their real, day to day, human lives. They literally aren’t grounded in reality. The problem with this is we actually live in a 3D reality, so not being grounded in it causes it’s own set of problems.

What I find really interesting is that no one talks about the 4th Dimension. For the sake of visualisation purposes only, imagine the dimensions in layers going upwards. 3rd is on the ground, 4th is just above our heads and the 5th is floating around above us somewhere, up in the stars. There are many ways of accessing the 5th without really going through the 4th. Some build bridges; some do enough work to clear a path through the 4th to the 5th and stick to that path. Others take drugs or plant medicine that gives them instant access, but that can come at a price as that method doesn’t leave the 4th behind; it brings all our stuff with us, which can warp our perception of what’s happening in the 3rd or 5th quite significantly.

However, where the gold and our true, self responsibility lies, is clearing as much energy and density from that 4th dimension as possible. In working with that feminine energy, as we heal, we release great wisdom, awareness and personal power. People often pop this work on a shelf as it can feel challenging or overwhelming Yet, the more we do this work, the quicker we can move fluidly back and forth between those dimensions without losing our grounding, our hold on reality or our balance. If the 4th is sticky or clogged up with unhealed thoughts, feelings or beliefs, our path forward in 3D reflects the same and our ability to raise our vibrations, grow our spiritual gifts and ascend is limited. We’ll keep running into those pesky 4th issues until we do the work! What is so magical about it is if we do the work in the 4th, it also clears that energy out of our physical body in 3D. Many illnesses or diseases improve or heal entirely. Our ability to access our intuition and Spirit also grows naturally of it’s own accord. We don’t even have to do anything. In simple terms, if we nail the work in the 4th dimension, we experience an all over ‘upgrade’. Our energy sky rockets! THIS is what our ancestors, the collective and indeed the World is asking of us. This is the ‘rise’ and the ‘ascension’ so many are talking about. IMHO, we aren’t meant to disappear into the 5th dimension. We’re meant to clear the 4th so there is no longer any separation between dimensions. All are clean and clear, so we can ascend into the highest, most authentic version of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The reason it has taken two years to finally pen this blog is I had to learn how to handle and embody the rise of the Divine Feminine energy within myself first. I could clearly see the astrological timeline and where it was asking me to go, but I needed to fully understand just what was being asked of me ~ and why. I had to do the deep, personal work to clear ancestral lines ~ to see & experience how that dramatically, fundamentally and permanently shifted the dynamics within my family, both generations older and younger than myself. Any negative energy simply dissolved and people started to show up completely differently. I had to face my own shadow, own it, love it and learn how to work with it. I did Past Life work that cleared patterns my Soul had been carrying for a lifetime. I have learned that deep patterns, wounds or trauma & anything ancestral is energetically stored in our body at a cellular level. This means that often, release has to occur within our physical body on some level too as that old energy is released from our cells. This hasn’t been fun to experience, let me tell ya, yet has been fascinating to observe.

Each of us has a different path. For some, they may have one heck of a load to work through, for others, it might not take much work at all to align them with their Divine Feminine. We’re being called in waves, not all at once. This makes sense as for an energy to rise, more and more has to be added to push it upwards. So some of us were sparked in 2017, more the following year etc. and I’d imagine that’s going to continue for several years to come.

If any of this blog has resonated with you, you have heard the call to come home to yourself and to step into your Divine Feminine Power. To own the differences within you that stood you apart or made you appear as the ‘weird one’ in the family, at school or in the playground. That difference had a purpose ~ if you were too immersed in the expectations & patterns of the family/group, you wouldn’t be capable of creating any change as you would see no reason to. What made you different actually allows you to shine a light throughout your entire family ancestry now. To see and identify the toxic, generational patterns and to clear them permanently. To heal your personal wounds so they are never passed on.

All of this, so you can shine a light for other women who felt the call later than you and are only now starting to find their way. To shine a light for the masculine to show them they are safe to be who they are as men and to empower rather than emasculate or scorn them. To shine a light for our children, so that they learn that compassion, respect, trust, empathy, intuition, acceptance, gentle strength and love are far stronger & more valuable than anything money can buy. To shine a light for the collective, so it comes to know there is another way of being.

The key is the 4th dimension. Dive in, splash in those waters, ignite a flame of healing intention and embrace your ability to RISE. It’s time to come home to the magic, love & strength of the powerful woman you are. Your Soul is here to work through anything that gets in the way of you becoming that woman. Every time I hear the words ‘Rise & Shine’ now, it makes me smile ~ for we are here to rise & shine together. Thank you beautiful woman, for walking the path and for lighting the way.

I’m aware that men are also being called to embrace their Divine Feminine. Years of suppression has forced men to swallow their emotions, suppress their feelings, numb their intuition and completely disconnect from their true selves for fear of appearing ‘less manly’ than society dictates they should be. I see the damage to both women and men equally due to the unhealthy energies of the past. Men are also being called to do this work so they can reconnect to their heart, to their emotions and to their gut intuition. These are the things that guide all humans through life, regardless of our gender. I can only write from my own perspective, so have no idea how it feels to do this work as a man. I can only honour you on your journey to the divinity within you.

With love and bright blessings

Krissy xxx


5 thoughts on “The RISE of the Divine Feminine”

  1. Laura Townson

    Well done Kristy, you have certainly been through an enormous clearing. I to have had many ups n downs and had to endure my own healing. I feel that you have put into words how I have been feeling.
    I am hoping next year to be a leader for many women.
    Good luck for next year Kristy.
    May you be blessed and loved in everything you achieve xx

  2. This is your best blog ever Krissy. You manage to express the three dimensions so well. Thank you for your insights into a difficult subject.
    I think of the 4th as being the Emotional Body. If we don’t overcome our emotions that snag us or drown us or over-excite us we are not yet ready for the 5th. Like you I did a lot of ‘clearance’ years ago and my cranio-sacral therapists said he thought I was existing the different dimensions simultaneously! If he was right is it any wonder we get confused with ourselves sometime!? I now understand it better and think Balance is what we have to aim for.
    Crystals help a lot.

  3. Amazing blog Kristy. Explained so beautifully, insightfully, compassionately and with deep integrity . We are all def on a journey and especially for those who feel called or can see through the illusion we have lived in for far too long. It’s def hard work but so rewarding. I endeavour to thrive and celebrate my journey, honoured to live in such exciting times. Thank you Kristy.

  4. Marie-Rose Celestin

    Wow this blog is amazing and has resonated on so many levels. I have literally been in hibernation the last couple of years not practicing my once regular crystal or energy work or really reading emails but for whatever beautiful reason I opened December’s and was drawn to reading this blog. So thankful I did and grateful for the amazing blog you haven written and shared. Thank you Kirsty Sending Love Light and Blessings 💖🙏

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