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12 thoughts on “Thank you”

  1. Esther told me about you and your work. It all sounds very intrigueing and makes me feel ‘bubbly’. 🙂 She sent me the link to your April-forecast last Monday.
    Now I understand what I have been feeling the past week. As a start-up to April.
    Great the way you explain things.
    Thank you !
    Regards, Eveliina

    1. Hi Eveliina, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving great feedback. Glad the forecast resonates with you. Have a fantastic week, bright blessings, Krissy

  2. Hello kristy. I’m from Simi Valley, California and doing Reiki healing as well. Thank you for a great forecast. It was a rough first two weeks, but got better the day after the full moon

  3. So glad it got better for you after the full moon! There is a lot of pressure around this week, but am hoping we can use it as a spring board for next week’s new moon & solar eclipse and get MOTIVATED 🙂 Blessings and thank you for commenting x

  4. Angela Davies

    Thank you for this months forecast I shall look forward hoping that I am one of the lucky ones that flows, haha! Angie

    1. You’re most welcome ~ regardless of where we are in our own lives, this month should flow much better for most of us in comparison to recent months. Seeing you going with the flow 😉 xx

    1. Hi Angela ~ can’t even remember what it was…lol… I choose them by guidance and usually completely forget once something has been intuited and acted upon. Glad you liked it though 🙂

  5. Hello Kristy, please can you tell me what the energies will be like in Australia during October 2014…

    1. Hi Rebecca

      The monthly energy forecast is my interpretation of what the energy means for us as a whole, regardless of where we live in the world. So Australia is included 🙂

      Bright blessings
      Krissy xxx

  6. I first saw Kristy on facebook. Kristy I will always follow.I shared a lot with my daughter .

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