Tantric Twin or Soulmate Crystals

Tantric Twin or Soulmate Crystals

A Twin, Tantric Twin or Soulmate crystal is a crystal with two terminations at the same end, which have developed from one base.

Tantric Twin crystals can also help us gain insight into the underlying problems of a relationship and guide us through working things out. They cover all relationships whether romantic, family or friends.


These are wonderful crystals to promote togetherness and help find a soul-mate, although soul-mates come into our lives to teach us our biggest lessons, which aren’t always pleasant! Click here if you’d like to read my blog on soul-mates.

Often, one of the crystals will be bigger than the other. This usually represents either a parent and child relationship, or a relationship in which one person is more dominant than the other. That is fine as we each require different things in relationships, but if the dominance is out of balance and causing suppression or frustration in the other person, then a Tantric Twin will bring these issues to light so they can be discussed and worked through together.


A Tantric Twin crystal with a rainbow is especially good for healing a damaged relationship, or keeping a relationship strong. It is not possible to use a Tantric Twin crystal to help others with relationship problems, as one of the twins will be specifically tuned to our energies, therefore making them very personal crystals, to be used for our own relationships. However, if you know someone is having relationship problems, it would be nice to gift them a Tantric Twin crystal in order to support their working through issues.

To get the best out of a Tantric Twin crystal, its a beautiful exercise to sit down with the other person, facing each other. Place the Tantric Twin crystal between you and both hold on to it together. Then close your eyes and meditate for a short while. Then, whilst still holding the Tantric Twin crystal, ask open questions of each other. Come from a place of non-judgement, compassion and love and see what honest and enlightening answers come forth. Use the crystal as a tool to connect and open up the avenues of communication.

If you are unable to sit with the other person, you can still hold the Tantric Twin crystal and meditate with it yourself, ensuring that your intent is to seek answers to questions about the relationship. Alternatively, if the crystal is small enough, place it under your pillow before sleeping and ask the crystal to bring forth information about your relationship in your dream state.

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