Enhydro Crystals

Enhydro Crystals

Enhydro Quartz is quartz, or sometimes Agate, that contains bubbles of water that got trapped inside the crystal as it grew.  The most prized Enhydro’s are those that contain moving bubbles, where there is an air pocket in the crystal and a little bubble of water can be moved up and down within the pocket ~ it looks like the water bubble on a spirit level.  Other Enhydro’s have water bubbles in them that are static and do not move, but they are just as rare and amazing.

Enhydro Quartz is one of the few crystals that can be energetically charged by the energy & magnetism of the moon. Many people put their crystals out under the light of a full moon for a ‘moon bath’. The moon affects water, people are made of 70% water and therefore the moon affects us all. The moon creates heightened emotion and energy within people, which is released at its peak during a full moon. It is this energy that our crystals absorb when we set them out to ‘charge’ under a full moon, not the energy of the moon directly. However, Enhydro crystals are actually affected and charged by the moon itself as they contain water, which is awesome!


All crystals should be cleansed and charged in sunlight on a regular basis. With Enhydro’s, this should be in mild direct sunlight or even indirect sunlight for ten minutes at most. Do not place an Enhydro in direct, really hot sunlight as it can cause the water in the crystal to expand and then crack the crystal or in some dramatic cases, cause the crystal to explode ~ and nobody wants that! So gently in the sunlight with Enhydro crystals for a short period of time only. Or try charging them under the moon, via a copper plate, on a crystal cluster bed or with sound.

Some Enhydros can be found in China, but the absolute best and purest specimens come from Madagascar or the Brandberg Mountain range in South Africa. These crystals contain water that is 133million years old! The clarity and energy of these crystals is amazing and personally one of the most jaw-dropping crystals I have ever come across to both look at and use.

Enhydro crystals are best used to heal or work through emotional issues and to effect change in our lives. They encourage us to be compassionate, to see another’s side of the story in order to understand both our own part & the part of the other in issues (as it always takes two!). If you are drawn to an Enhydro, it is a signal that there are emotions that need to come forth and be released or old childhood or relationship issues that are ready to be healed.

Carry the Enhydro with you on a consistent basis whilst you deal with whatever the issue is. Meditating with an Enhydro can bring forth valuable information about ourselves and lessons on how we give up, shut down, are too protective over or too giving of our power. Working with an Enhydro quartz will most definitely bring us back into balance. I wouldn’t recommend sleeping with an Enhydro however, as they can bring a lot of suppressed emotions forth in our dreams, which will cause disrupted sleep.

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