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Soul Mates – Do They Exist & How Do You Know?

Have you ever met someone and known on an intrinsic, deep level, that you’ve met this person before……..even though you know you haven’t in this lifetime? We won’t be able to put our finger on it, but our inner self knows we’ve crossed paths before.

What is a Soulmate anyway?  That perfect person who will fulfil all our dreams, capture our hearts and live happily ever after? Right?…….Wrong!

Soulmates come into our lives with a message, a lesson that we must learn in order to further our personal development. They help us to grow spiritually and mature emotionally & psychologically. A Soulmate most certainly can be a lover or partner, but they could just as easily be a business colleague, teacher, friend or guide and either male or female. We might meet them just once, for only a few months, for several years or spend a lifetime with them.

Many of us also have more than one Soulmate – some of us will only meet one or two in a lifetime, others who have chosen a bigger spiritual learning curve may meet many more than that.

Soulmates can be recognised by the intensity of feeling they illicit in us on every level. Its as if something inside our own soul wakes up and starts shouting ‘YES!’. This can be exciting, confusing or even an uncomfortable experience for some. These encounters wake us up out of whatever stupor or rut we’ve been languishing in – they shake us to our very core and are often inexplicable. How can meeting one person have such an impact on our normal, everyday lives?

We usually won’t have any idea of where we’re going with this person or what the lessons may be and we won’t be able to walk away until the job is complete. Soulmates ‘know’ each other in ways that cannot be explained. We know we’ve never met before……yet….we have. We accept a Soulmate more readily than we would any other stranger coming into our life as there is an instant recognition and connection.

Soulmates arrive to transform us, to get us where we need to go and this may be through a form of drama and chaos we could well do without! Soulmates can inspire great, unconditional love….they can be romantic loves, but are rarely our one and only love. That may come with a Soulmate, but usually happens later in life.  Soulmates can also cause extreme dislike or even hatred! Whichever end of the spectrum they fall, be it unconditional love or extreme dislike,  the energy will always be intense. It has to be – in order to create huge transformational shifts in consciousness and direction.

I’ve met five Soulmates in my life time. Four men and one woman. The woman & two of the men entered my life with a bang and were gone within six months. They weren’t all love affairs, but they were hectic, exciting, high energy, confusing and ultimately liberating experiences. I call these kinds of Soulmates ~ Catalytic Soulmates. They are in and out of our lives quickly and we usually have little or no further contact with them.

Interacting with these people shifted me to where I needed to go and I did the same for them in return. Those experiences were emotional, painful and often frustrating at the time, but now, looking back, I feel so grateful.  

The other two Soulmates are long term relationships. One of those relationships was unhealthy, damaging and soul destroying ~ but ultimately, it made me who I am today, connected me to my gifts, manifested my business and created the most beautiful child a mum could hope for. So again, I’m grateful. My last Soulmate is my lifelong partner, the man who I will grow old with. As laid back as he is, he has taught me more about myself in the last two years, just by being himself, than I’ve learned in a decade. He is simply a gift. Its not an easy gift wrapped in a pretty bow either ~ I am poked & challenged on a regular basis. I think of it more along the lines of a leather clad gift (biker) who brings the most joy I’ve ever known….and doesn’t take any of my **** 😉

There are crystals recommended for drawing our Soulmate to us, such as Rhodocrosite – but I find working & focusing on ourselves when we’re single is more helpful in drawing the right person into our lives.

So, for any of you who are dreaming of finding a Soulmate or indeed trying to manifest them in your life……be careful what you wish for and hold on tight, because its going to be one heck of a ride 😉

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