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Tiffany Stone ~ Transformation of Heart & Soul

Tiffany Stone is a rare and unusual form of Fluorite. It is found in Spor Mountain Utah, USA and to date, this is still the only known source worldwide. Tiffany Stone is a unique combination of Fluorite, Opal, Bertrandite, Dolomite, Calcite, Chalcedony, Quartz and other rare Earth Elements, such as Beryllium. Huge amounts of Tiffany

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Moldavite ~ The Master Transformer

Moldavite is one of the most interesting substances found on the planet.  Primarily, because it doesn’t come from Earth!  In fact, only 98% of its chemical compound can be identified – the other 2% has endlessly baffled scientists…. all we know, is it ain’t from around here! Moldavite is a meteor that hit earth approximately

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Stimulating Eclipse Energies ~ Why Do They Affect Me?

Hello There Today I’d like to blog about Eclipse energy. For some, this energy is stimulating & transformational. For others, it simply makes them feel tired! I‘m not here to knock anyone else who is blogging about the science of eclipses, when they’re happening or what crystals to use with those energies. However, my resounding question is always WHY?  Why is

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