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Sugilite ~ Fantastic Physical & Spiritual Healing Tool

Sugilite (sometimes called Luvulite) is a rare mineral found mainly in Japan, but also other parts of the world such as South Africa and Canada.  I absolutely adore this mineral both for its colour and holistic properties and the geek in me loves the fact that Sugilite has a very complex and unusual chemical formulae:


It is one of THE best stones in the Mineral Kingdom for soothing headaches, burns and inflammation of any kind. I feel this is because of the high Manganese content. Sugilite is so rare because most of it is mined for all different kinds of industry. Manganese is used in most morphine based pain killers as it increases the analgesic (pain relief) effect, so we mine it from the earth to turn it into medicine. Any crystal or mineral that is mined for this purpose tells us that it is a great physical healer and we can work with it energetically as well as consume it via commercially created medication.

The darker Sugilite is, the more Manganese it contains and the better it is for physical healing purposes. The lighter or more translucent pieces vibrate at a frequency that is better for spiritual practices. Sugilite comes in many forms and a variety of colours ranging from a pale purple, through to vivid, dark purple and nearly black. It can be rough and rock like or be polished to a beautiful smooth finish ~ you will be drawn to the right piece for you. If you’re drawn to dark, look at the physical healing properties. If lighter in colour, look at the spiritual properties. However, as with all crystals, things could be the opposite way around so the advice regarding dark/light is general. We each find our own paths with every crystal 🙂

The example below is of quite a dark piece of Sugilite, whilst the picture above of Cabachons that have been cut for jewellery making are much lighter.


If we were to burn ourselves, the first thing I would do is pick up a piece of Sugilite and press it against the burn (obviously, only if its a minor burn ~ major burns require specific medical attention). Holding Sugilite near the burn site or a small site of impact to our body (such as a bump or scrape) relieves the burning feeling, the throb of pain and it also reduces the inflammation. For this reason, I always carry a piece in my handbag as part of my Crystal First Aid Kit.

Sugilite is also excellent for easing the pain of headaches and migraines, if you can catch them early enough. If it reaches the point where you have to lie down in a dark room, place a piece of Sugilite each side of your head and it may make things more bearable. Because Sugilite absorbs the vibration of pain so well, it needs to be cleansed and charged on a regular basis. My piece of Sugilite for physical purposes is almost black whilst I have a much lighter, layered piece I use in crystal healing therapies, meditation and the occasional grid.

Spiritually, Sugilite represents Divine Love and Wisdom. It opens all the chakras from the very top of our etherics down to the Earth Star deep in the ground and draws in the energy of the Violet Ray. It clears negative energies from all of our auric field and brings with it strong vibrations of protection. I am often asked ‘how’ a crystal protects us and can only say with Sugilite, it protects because it clears away a lot of the negativity in our aura and also any mental fog or indecisiveness. This enables our senses to be on full alert and fully receptive. We will feel when something negative enters our very clear, highly vibrating energy field and know on a gut level when something isn’t right for us because our head and system is clear enough to pick up on it straight away. In this way, we can protect ourselves better.

Sugilite teaches us how to stand in our own truth and not be ashamed or scared of it. It encourages us to live our truth with compassion, so we don’t rub people up the wrong way in our effort to break from from any expectations placed upon us ~ either from childhood or in our current relationships. Sugilite supports, strengthens and releases that which does not serve us.


Many suggest that Sugilite is one of the premier ‘love’ stones, but having worked with it for over a decade, I’ve found this isn’t really the case. If we’re working on self love and on our own issues, then Sugilite is very helpful. If we need to learn how to trust the Universe and receive Divine love, then its a wonderful mineral to work with. However, I haven’t seen it do much to draw love into people’s lives on a human level ~ to start new relationships or strengthen existing ones. I feel the ‘love stone’ side of things was written in a book many moons ago and has been picked up and copied over to every other book since. We must always follow our own intuition and path with every single crystal ~ no person or crystal is the same, but I wouldn’t reach for Sugilite for ‘love’ or relationships unless it is for the Self, as there are much better, more apt stones we can use. (Click Here for Romance/Love/Relationship Crystals).

Have an absolutely FABULOUS day 😉

Krissy XXX

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