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Stepping out of Fear

A month ago, I found myself in a very unfamiliar place for me. I felt very low, unmotivated, uninspired, despondent and highly fearful. For several days in a row, my primary thought was ‘What’s the point???’. Part of me kept saying ‘don’t be silly, pull yourself out of this’, but, quite frankly, there was a larger part of me that just didn’t care. I’d literally had enough of the World!

So I sat on my bed, fell quiet and connected to Mother Earth and the Universe, consciously breathing, slowly and deeply, as I connected to my body. In the stillness, as I let my mind wander through all the worries, I felt fear start to trickle down from my head and into my body. As it’s tendrils crept towards my heart, my breath froze in my lungs ~ which is the first thing human beings do when they experience a shock ~ we breathe sharply in and hold it. It is part of our automatic ‘fight, flight, freeze’ response that sets off a cacophony of chemical & hormonal reactions in our body (remember this!).

War, genocide, disease, death & fear for the future were my predominant thoughts. As I skipped from one thought to the other, my emotions started to kick in in response. I’m an empath who can ‘feel’ the energy of the collective or others, simply by focusing on it. For those who are sensitive, the current state of the World feels like skin scraping over broken glass. There are so many crazy things going on globally. Images of people from a walk in town, flicked through my mind like photographs on a reel, showing me the fear/worry stamped on face after face. So many of those people seemed fearful to even return my smile, instead looking down and away from any human contact. I could see fear within them that mirrored and echoed my own.

Somehow, I’d gotten sucked into all the chaos going on in the outside World. All the fear & worry being pushed & peddled daily through endless, media propaganda had snuck in somehow! I realised I’d been having conversations with others, who were already in or were on their way to becoming extremely fearful themselves, which didn’t help.

This is not my normal state of being at all and I’m not even sure how I fell into that hole! One minute I was fine, the next I was frightened to look at my energy bills! It shows just how powerful media programming is as I don’t even watch the news or pay any attention to their narratives as they’re mostly lies in my experience…… yet somehow, that programming had still snuck into my head, triggering memories of my grandparents talking about how life was after the war and my parents during hard times in my childhood.

Human beings aren’t meant to live in constant fear. NO animal lives in constant fear as otherwise, what would be the point of being alive? Sure, we all have fears that creep up on us from time to time, but to stay in that energy on a consistent, daily, basis will make us physically ill. Remember earlier when I said fight/flight/freeze sets off a cacophony of chemicals & hormones in our body……. to experience that on a daily basis is a one way ticket to a hospital over time. Our body becomes unbalanced & essential processes start to break down, paving the way for dis-ease to creep in.

So I decided enough was enough and I sat with those fears. It’s good to put a time limit on it or we can fall into a hole, so I decided that twenty minutes was ample and that I would explore all of those fears with complete consciousness & presence. As each different subject came up, I acknowledged that fear and breathed through it, slowly & deeply, imagining it leaving my body on the exhale. Breathing was essential as I could feel, every time, when the fear got stuck in my chest & my lungs would freeze. So I would move past that freeze and breathe all the energy out of my lungs and down my body, into Mother Earth.

After twenty minutes had passed, it was time to step out of the fear, which is, at it’s core, a construct of the mind ~ and into my heart & intuition, which knows exactly what is needed for my highest good. My heart knows it can do nothing about what is happening in the outside World and that all of our power lies within us.

We cannot escape fear. Nor should we distract ourselves from it, suppress it or numb it. That only forces it inside, where the energy goes up into our head and amplifies our fears even more! Fear lets us know that there may be something to worry about, but buying into it never serves us. Fear is a mental thought pattern, which can embed in stronger, the more we use those ‘fear based’ neural pathways. We can rarely do anything about most of our fears as they are outside of our control. We can only observe our mind and it’s worries and then release ourselves from those thoughts before they start to affect our emotions and physical health.

We HAVE take action to flip the script and focus on LOVE instead. To take charge of our mind, so instead of being slaves to fear, we become masters of the mind, able to direct our thoughts towards things that are heart opening, creative, uplifting, joyful, connected and nourishing.

Accept fear. Acknowledge it. Work with it if it traces back to childhood as that will be your inner child in fear, not your adult self. Otherwise acknowledge it, feel it and then LET IT GO. Do this over & over again, however long it takes, breathing through, journalling if you feel to and then switch your mind, body and focus to something that will RAISE your energy higher. Dance, sing, talk to friends, get out in nature, get creative, run yourself a bath, enact self love/self care in some way ~ do something, ANYTHING that feeds you LOVE and positive energy & takes your mind off that fear.

Music is the easiest option for me ~ there are certain songs I can’t not sing or move to, so those are the ones that are played loud after working with fear. I’ll stomp my feet and shake my body out, literally grounding and anchoring my energy into stability & calm once more. Or I’ll have a cup of organic, pure cacao and run myself an Epsom Salt bath, loving & nurturing my body after it’s been thrown out of balance & passed a lot of unpleasant energy through it to be released. This literally takes the energy of fear out of our mind, into our body and provides a way of releasing it that brings us back into balance. The relief on the nervous system and lowering of anxiety levels is instantaneous!

Also, please reach out to others as you are not alone. We ALL experience fear. We have ALL sat, at some point over the past few years, and thought ‘What on earth is going on’ or ‘Something isn’t right’. That is true, however, we cannot do anything about it on a global level. We can only do something about it on a personal level. By releasing low vibrational thoughts & emotions so we can hold a higher frequency and more light! As millions of human beings light up around the World, open their hearts and shine ~ collectively, that is where our true power lies. So reach out to others and share your fears as you can talk them out with other people. If they’re not in your head, they cannot control you any more. Reach out to those you know can support you in refocusing your mind and your energy in positive ways ~ this is important as there is no point reaching out to someone who is fearful & focused on scarcity as they’ll take you straight back into the hole with them. I am so blessed to have several friends who helped me with this, guiding me back into my heart and inspiration once again.

Lastly, take ACTION. DO SOMETHING positive, focus on abundance and take whatever steps you need to start moving towards it. Be willing to step out of your Comfort Zone. Dream BIG, aim high, particularly this month (March 2022) as the energies are all asking us to create the version of ourselves that we want to be in the World. There won’t be a more powerful month for manifestation this year, so use this energy while it’s there for the taking. We are being asked to create our own reality, by focusing our perceptions on growth, on expansion, on collaboration, on heart opening connections, on kindness, or structure or whatever it is we need in our lives. Stop focusing on the outside World, turn off the media, stop pouring your energy outside of yourself and into narratives or things that do not serve you, things that leave you feeling powerless or helpless. Instead, focus INWARDS and on the right things, which is where our personal power grows exponentially.

Our perception and focus is EVERYTHING as the Universe can only echo back the frequency we’re vibrating at. So if we vibrate at a level of fear all the time, the Universe will echo back MORE reasons for us to feel fearful. It can only ever match our vibration. We have the power to change that, by shifting our focus, our emotions, our thoughts and our energy to that of LOVE & abundance. When we send that energy out into the World, the Universe rejoices & sends us more reasons to feel love, to experience abundance & to sit humbly in gratitude at how amazing life can be.

In short:

  • Feel it
  • Acknowledge it
  • Release it
  • Connect with Others
  • Take Responsibility for your life, your perception and your focus by taking action

If you find yourself struggling with fear, getting stuck/stagnant or simply not knowing which path to take next, please reach out via the contact form at the top of the website or via You’re not alone and I’m here to support you in finding your way back to YOUR authenticity and light, so you can shine it brightly where ever you choose to focus that light in the World.

IMHO, life is simple. Everything in the Universe comes down to Love or Fear ~ all we need to do is choose wisely & firmly, every single day.

With so much love,

Krissy xxx

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