Record Keeper

Record Keeper

A Record Keeper crystal is distinguished by triangle shaped markings on one or more of the crystal’s faces.

The “recorders” (as the markings on these crystals are referred to) may look like a raised area on the face, but if we run our hand over it, we often can’t feel it at all. This is why record keepers often go unnoticed, and will sometimes only reveal themselves when they come into the hands of the person they are meant for. There are other crystals that have many triangles on them, often a multitude that look like etchings. These are incredibly powerful and effective channelling or meditation tools.

If you want to look for a recorder on a crystal, you should hold the face to the light, and turn it slowly, observing all angles. Look very carefully and you may just find a hidden secret in the shape of a pyramid 🙂

When the triangle faces upward toward the point, this indicates the information the crystal will reveal is related to the past. If the triangle is pointing downward away from the point, this is called a Trigonic and is likely to access information about the future.

There have been rumours for many years that we programmed and channelled with these crystals in a previous lifetime, leaving them marked with triangles. When reborn into our current lifetime, we gravitate back to the Record Keeper crystal to pick up the information we left in our previous life. A Record Keeper is a definite tool for past life regression if ever there was one! I have had some pretty strange and wonderous experiences with them 😉


It is believed that a Record Keeper is one of the most sacred crystals because it holds the wisdom and knowledge of the universe. It is said that meditating with a Record Keeper whilst rubbing a finger over the pyramid, or tracing the shape of it continuously, will release information. I’ve found that sleeping with a Record Keeper under my pillow can bring information in dreams. I’ll ask a question whilst holding the crystal before I go to sleep. In the morning, I’ll pick the crystal up and quickly meditate with it to see if any answers are forthcoming. 

To use a Record Keeper, meditate with it, opening your mind to receiving. Sometimes what we receive from these crystals may not even be consciously known to us. Write down anything that comes to you when working with a Record Keeper and, if you can, make that information public. It may not make a lot of sense to one person, but that information could be the key another needs to move forward ~ or the information could be one part of a bigger puzzle. When sharing the information of a Record Keeper, I find they have an uncanny way of drawing the right people together for many different reasons.


  1. Hi, I was wondering if RK formations on Danburite are still considered record keepers, I have had experience with quartz and corrundum RK, but this is the first time I’ve seen them on a Danburite.

  2. nvm was able to find the answer through additional digging, what I have is actually a Trigonic formation. You have wonderful articles here and I will definitely be bookmarking to come back later 🙂


    • Thank you very much for such lovely feedback 🙂 Record Keepers can be found on any crystal. If they’re on Danburite, I’d say try sleeping with it and see if you receive any insights in your dreams. Alternatively, try meditating with it. Trigonics on Danburite are rare, so I would say its a crystal that has a story to tell 🙂 Have a great day, Namaste!

  3. Withtheserubyslippers says

    Hi Kristy,

    I have stumbled upon your page today.
    Since the beginning of 2017 my spiritual development accelerated in a very intense way and I have been extremely drawn to high vibration crystals: Moldavite, Charoite, Lemurian Quartz and Apophyllite.

    Yesterday during my meditation with my crystals I got myself to the state of allowing and Apophyllite gave me intense experience. I was flooded with the female energy of what I felt was my witch ancestors. It was very powerful and I wanted to cry.

    Today I have learned that there is something like Record Keepers and examined my White Apophyllite. It is full of triangles :O

    To make matters even more interesting, I have always been drawn to witches, herbs and Wicca, probably since I was 12 years old. Now I am approaching 30.


    • Hi, that is WOW! Don’t you just love the synchronicity of the Universe….wicca is an interesting path, I very much enjoyed my exploration of it some year’s ago. Unfortunately, we can’t count the triangles in Apophyllite as record keepers as Apophyllite forms in triangles, so it’s just it’s normal growth. Record Keepers tend to only be found on quartz, rubies and occasionally some other crystals, but never any that form naturally as triangles. It’s an amazing crystal, I covet quite a lot of it…..LOL Thanks so much for commenting and have a fantastic day 🙂 xxx

  4. Nathalie says

    Hey Kristy just as Timothy commented I recently purchased a pink danburite and realized it has trigonic record keeper triangles as well as keys that look like semi circles! Have you heard about the semi circles before? Going to sleep with my pink danburite to see if i get any message 🙂

    • Hi Nathalie

      I have indeed seen the semi circle keys ~ they’r really cool and OH WOW! A trignoic record keeper? That is an amazing find, particularly on Danburite. The pink has such a beautiful energy! Enjoy working with it and have a fabulous day, bright blessings, Krissy x

  5. Ailene says

    Thanks for this really interesting information. It seems my ruby record keeper has both downward and upward facing triangles. Is this common? Does it mean I can get information from the future and the past?

    • Hi Ailene

      The direction of the triangle doesn’t mean anything in particular. It’s whether the triangle is raised off the face of the crystal or whether it is sunken down into it that is important 🙂 The only time the direction of lines means anything on a piece of quartz is if you have a Timeline ~ it’s these pointing to either the left or right that symbolise past or future information. People often get the two muddled up. If you see it written anywhere that the direction of the triangle of a Record Keeper is meaningful, do not trust that website at all ~ it’s rubbish! If, however, you have very clear triangles that are raised up off the surface of your Ruby or sunken down into it, then these do indeed represent past and future information as detailed in the blog. Hope that helps, bright blessings and have a lovely day 🙂

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