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Personal Story – The Healing Power of Crystals

Obviously, given what I do for a living, am very aware of the healing power of crystals. To me, it is a simple, scientific fact that anyone can Google.

One weekend I was working at a Mind, Body & Spirit event in Grimsby. I hadn’t wanted to exhibit at this particular event as my logical mind said it wouldn’t be particularly lucrative. It would be a long journey, I’d have to take my son with me whom had only gone back to school the week before. Both financially and due to my boy settling back into school, I decided not to go. However……my intuition would NOT stop nagging. I dreamt about the event, people kept asking if I was going and there was a nagging feeling that grew and grew that it would be important (even though my logical reasons for not going still stood!). So I went.

Early on the Saturday morning, a lovely mother and daughter came up to the stand and I could see that the mum had real difficulty walking. She seemed in a great deal of pain. We all chatted for awhile and the lady was really drawn to a large piece of Malacholla (a natural, but rare combination of Malachite and Chrysocolla).

SP7306POLPhoto: Daniel Hickling

This didn’t surprise me as it is full of copper sulphate, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Malachite is one of the crystals best noted for healing on a physical level. It can remove energy blocks and neutralise areas of the body that are in pain.  When we experience pain, that are of the body gives off a high, frantic kind of vibration. Try banging your wrist against something ~ that ‘owwwwww’ pain you feel ~ that gives off a really high vibration.

The copper element of Malachite makes its vibration very low, so by bringing the Malachite close to the source of pain, we’re hoping the low vibration of the Malachite will pull the high vibration of the injury back down to a more normal level ~ and therefore ease the pain!

The lady bought a small piece and left to enjoy the rest of the show. Several hours later, I received a very excited and astonished call from the daughter. By the time they had reached home, for the first time in many many years, her mum was pain free. ‘Could this be because of that crystal’ she asked and I could only say ‘yes’, because I intuitively knew it to be true. The daughter then caught the two buses back to the show to buy the biggest piece I had in stock as a present for her mum. This wasn’t cheap at around £85 and even though I know crystals work for many people… still took my breath away to experience someone else’s joy and disbelief…..alongside their absolute relief that something had finally helped!

I didn’t hear from either mum or daughter again after that, but find great comfort in the fact that agreeing to do the show in Grimsby that weekend was the right decision ~ purely to meet those two beautiful ladies. The Universe works in mysterious ways and am getting used to doing its bidding 😉  I’ll be blogging next week about Malachite as it is one of THE best physical healers in the mineral kingdom.

Have a fabulous weekend, lots of love



2 thoughts on “Personal Story – The Healing Power of Crystals”

  1. Kathy Burns

    I like your story very much. When I try to be too logical, I get a bit suspicious about it. Like I am trying to be “safe” when I know spirit will lead me the way I should go. When I hold a rainbow kyanite, it vibrates like crazy in either hand. Only time I felt a tingling this strong was with moldavite. Thanks for the great info and l really like your page.

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