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Strawberry Quartz Earrings – RARE – Item A


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This is a gorgeous set of genuine Strawberry Quartz earrings set in thick Sterling Silver. They have a strong, supportive, uplifting energy! This is a rare crystal to source, let alone in jewellery pieces. I love how these sparkle and catch the light.

Strawberry Quartz is  a very powerful little crystal. It integrates the physical with the spiritual. You will be drawn to this crystal if you are ready to receive information & have new experiences. Strawberry Quartz opens our heart to new adventures and an abundance of love. It also works gently, but persistently on the Sacral Chakra.

You will receive the earrings in the photograph. Approx stone size 1.7cm (17mm) long X 1.2cm (12mm) wide.

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