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Skutterudite Rough – Item E


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This is a stunning piece of the highly unusual, Skutterudite, straight as it comes from the mine. Each piece is a different size & unique, so please check sizing carefully. You don’t need a big piece of this mineral unless you struggle with grounding. As Skutterudite will ground you initially, before opening you up and it may be helpful to have other grounding stones nearby, such as Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper or Hematite.

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Skutterudite is a stone of grounding, inner transformation and ultimately, harmony. You must be grounded to work with the energy of this unusual mineral as it can really open up and expand our auric field, our 3rd eye and Crown. It is an excellent mineral to use when working with clearing & balancing chakras and it works fast! I feel this mineral mostly in my gut and solar plexus, as it works with us to show us just how much power there is in every person’s intuitive & intuitive gifts. If you’ve only just discovered your spiritual gifts or would like to uplevel them, Skutterudite is the mineral to use. It has been used for journeying & shamanic work, dream work and psychic practices and is an excellent meditation tool when working with visualisation or following guided meditations. It is also excellent to use in crystal healing grids that involve sending energy over distance as it’s ability to expand energy is quite remarkable. It takes what can sometimes be just a ‘little’ experience and turn it into a far deeper, more expansive journey. It is excellent for bringing the body back into balance energetically, so that our external world matches our internal world perfectly & we can gain main clues as to what needs to change both within ourselves and then in our external world.

You will receive the crystal in the photography. Approx 3.8cm (38mm) long x 1.5cm (15mm) wide.

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