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Pink Lemurian Light Quartz Cluster AAA Grade – Item-A


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This is an absolutely incredible piece of crystal. It is an AAA Grade (highest grade available) cluster of Pink Lemurian Light Quartz from the source mine in Columbia. Normally, a cluster would have tons of points on the top and a layer of base rock/matrix beneath. This piece is completely magical as it is clustered both sides ~ it doesn’t matter which way you turn it, there are druzy bits and points everywhere. The energy is simply out of this World. I was drawn to source a piece of this for the most amazing woman and she says it’s her absolute favourite crystal as the meditations have been blissful and on another level. I too have had a piece on the bedside table and wake up fully in my heart and Divine Feminine Energy after working with it. It’s one of those energies where I feel EVERY woman needs a piece to remind them just how beautiful, unique and gifted they are.

Lemurian Light Quartz is the same as Lemurian Quartz, only it is far clearer and brighter. These crystals are said to carry extremely high frequencies that connect us to a variety of different energies, depending on what we need at the time, which includes to our guides, ancestors, angelic and spiritual realms. Lemurian Light Quartz has fascinated collectors for years as it can feel really soft and loving for some, whilst feeling like a powerful ‘pocket rocket’ for others. I’ve found if the energy is too strong, you can actually ask to tone it down ~ AND IT DOES!  These rare crystals show us how to connect and listen to our Higher Self and Soul, as well as being able to access Akashic Records and historical blueprints and information relating to Atlantis and Lemuria. Whether you believe these places existed or not, there is no doubting just how special this variety of Lemurian Quartz looks and feels.

Pink Lemurian Light Quartz has iron in it, but not big streaks or large, brownish/red blobs. Just a subtle tinge in most places, which gives this beautiful Quartz a soft, pink glow. This element opens the heart, guides us towards Self Love, towards emotional release and emotional healing. Particularly after loss, a break up or grief. I would say this is one of the most beautiful energies to work with in relation to grief and our ability to work through it in a way that is healthy, natural and healing ~ rather than in a way that stops us from living life or in which we can get lost in the pain and emotion. Pink Lemurian Light Quartz also draws in a a very grounding, stabilising energy from Mother Earth and a strong feeling of safety ~ a feeling that grows from within on a daily basis, increasing confidence, self esteem and willpower. You can consciously and actively work with this energy by holding the crystal at your heart, drawing in Universal energy from above your crown chakra, down through the body and deep into Mother Earth, like the roots of a tree. Once you can feel that connection to the Earth, slowly and gently draw that energy/connection back up the centre of your body until it rests in your heart. Then visualise that energy expanding from the heart in all directions. It’s an absolutely blissful feeling of connection and love.

Approx 8.7cm (87mm) long x 6cm (60mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph. If ordering from overseas, please select Tracked/Insured postage to ensure safe delivery.

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