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Peridot – Rough/Natural – RARE – Item L


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This is a small chunk of natural Peridot, straight as it comes out of the ground. Small enough to pop inside a pocket, pillowcase or roomy bra. Peridot is usually available in very tiny pieces, so it’s nice to find some rough, natural pieces that are a reasonable size and price to work with.

Please check sizing carefully as what is large to one person may be small to another and I wouldn’t want anyone to feel disappointed.

Peridot is a detoxifying crystal that is excellent for the lungs, lymph glands, breast and heart. A regeneration crystal, it strengthens & protects physical body, aligns & balances aura field. Eases jealousy, anger, fear, anxiety & worries. A positive, abundant crystal.

Approx 1.9cm (19mm) long X 1.6cm (16mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.


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