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Natural Uvarovite Pendant – ULTRA RARE – Item A


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Uvarovite is a stunning, vivid green and the rarest form of Garnet. These pieces are druzy, crystalline and fabulously energetic. Just holding one in my hand makes it tingle and we don’t see this quality very often. We also don’t see this incredible mineral in it’s natural form in jewellery very often. These pieces are stable and have the most wonderful sparkly, energy and colour.

On a physical level, Uvarovite works with our heart and circulatory system, encouraging the opening and release of fluids in a gentle manner. It does the same for our renal system and supports our body to release allergies, to detox and provides anti inflammatory effect. With regard to allergies, the root cause of most of these is too much pressure on our Central Nervous System. Therefore, this beautiful mineral will often bring to the surface the reason why we are so anxious or stressed. This is so we can gather the strength to take action to address, resolve or heal the root cause in order to permanently clear the allergic response. If you don’t want Uvarovite to do this, simply program it specifically to work on whatever you wish to use it for and it will purely work on that. On a spiritual level, Uvarovite teaches us how to release poverty consciousness and the emotional programming that makes us feel lack or ‘less than’. It also shows us that life ebbs and flows in cycles, so we learn how to remain neutral and come to understand that the high is needed as much as the low, that the dark is needed as much as the light. Uvarovite is considered a stone of self worth and abundance, so will support you in working on those aspects of yourself as wishing to be abundant simply won’t do anything. We have to have both the correct, abundant mindset AND the ability to take action towards our goals and dreams. This is a fabulous mineral for business owners to keep on their desk.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx stone size 1.6cm (16mm) long x 1.4cm (14mm) wide.

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