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Mangano Calcite – AA Grade Polished – Item D


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This is a beautiful, polished piece of Mangano Calcite, which I absolutely adore! So soothing, loving and supportive. These pieces are such high quality, they’re almost see through with the most exquisite patterning that can barely be seen. If you see bright pink Calcite, it will always be dyed as true pink/Mangano Calcite is a pale blush, hint of baby pink ~ it is never bright or dark, but very subtle and ethereal at this high grade.

Mangano Calcite is the stone I reach for whenever I need comfort, for my emotions to be soothed and to recover from any form of emotional shock. Mangano Calcite soothes the nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems too ~ the systems in our body that hold energy after emotional pain or shock. Mangano Calcite aids forgiveness and acceptance of what is, particularly after trauma. It draws divine love into our entire energy system and has a really strong energy, although it’s strong in how it works deeply on us, not in how it feels. To feel the stone, it is gentle and soothing. You could carry a piece on you, sleep with it under a pillow or even pop it in a bath or water filter.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2.5cm (25mm) long X 2.3cm (23mm) wide.

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