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Lemurian Light Quartz Point AAA Grade – RARE – Item C


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This is a stunning, AAA Grade (highest grade available) point of Lemurian Quartz from the source mine in Columbia. There are crystal clear striations down each side of the point. Each is unique and many have special properties. You will be drawn to the one that will support you most on your development adventure ~ as make no mistake, these pieces aren’t just pretty, high Grade Quartz ~ they’re spiritual development tools when used with intent. They take spiritual modalities like channelling and meditation to new levels of experience, delight, connection, expansion and growth.

Lemurian Light Quartz is the same as Lemurian Quartz, only it is far clearer and brighter. Normally Lemurian Quartz would be the AA Grade and this Quartz AAA Grade, but the mines named it Lemurian Light, probably as a marketing gimmick ~ although I do have to say, these pieces are the ‘brightest’ Quartz I’ve seen other than Brandbergs or Blades of Light. It just has an extra clarity or sparkle that is visibly obvious when compared. These crystals are said to carry extremely high frequencies that connect us to a variety of different energies, depending on what we need at the time, which includes to our guides, ancestors, angelic and spiritual realms. Lemurian Light Quartz has fascinated collectors for years as it can feel really soft and loving for some, whilst feeling like a powerful ‘pocket rocket’ for others. I’ve found if the energy is too strong, you can actually ask to tone it down ~ AND IT DOES!

These rare crystals show us how to connect and listen to our Higher Self and Soul, as well as being able to access Akashic Records and historical blueprints and information relating to Atlantis and Lemuria. Whether you believe these places existed or not, there is no doubting just how special this variety of Lemurian Quartz looks and feels.

Approx cm (mm) long x cm (mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.

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