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Larimar AAA Grade Polished – Item K

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A stunning piece of polished Larimar. These pieces are the highest grade available, have the most amazing colour/patterning and THE most divine energy. If you’re emotional, sensitive, water orientated or need a healthy dose of self love and comfort, this is one of the best minerals in the Kingdom! Unfortunately it is an incredibly expensive crystal, but well worth it for the energy. These pieces are small enough to pop in a roomy bra, pocket, pillowcase or crystal cage. It is also a much brighter, deeper colour in person ~ the flash washes out the colour on the photos.

Larimar is excellent for soothing and healing our emotions. It can lift feelings of depression, apathy or feeling run-down. Larimar is an earth crystal, connecting to feminine energy, nature and our planet. It provides patience, simplicity & peace. Excellent for worn out women or mums.

Approx 4cm (40mm)  long X 2cm (20mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.


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