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Hemmimorphite Pendant ~ RARE ~ Item B


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A yummy, polished cabachon of the very rare, blue Hemmimorphite, set in thick Sterling Silver.  It is such a hard crystal to source these days as the best quality specimens are found in Asia, which has stopped exporting many stones. The photos do not do these pieces justice (the flash washes out the colour) ~ this piece has divine colour, patterning and energy and was the only piece out of twenty or so that felt so divine, I couldn’t leave without her.

Hemmimorphite is excellent for connecting to Spirit and receiving information from other realms. It is a powerful crystal for opening and clearing higher chakras. Hemmimorphite calms the emotional system, bringing forgiveness, release of resentment or anger and the healing of karmic ties between people. On a physical level, it is excellent for PMS, hormonal related problems and mood swings. An extremely good emotional and heart healer.

Approx 4.3cm (43mm) long X 3cm (30mm) wide. You will receive the pendant in the photograph.

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