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Alurgite – Rough – Item G

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Alurgite is a specific form of Muscovite located in Piedmont, Italy. It is a shimmery red with slight purple undertones and has a sparkly, uplifting, strong energy. Each of these pieces is rough, straight as it comes from the ground, so feel very magical and organic.

I adore the energy of this mineral as it is particularly helpful for those who hold their nerves in their digestive system ~ so brings courage and inspiration when we’re feeling nervous or edgy. Alurgite also allows us to become conscious of the hidden subconscious patterns and programs within us from childhood that cause us problems in our adult life. Alurgite encourages us to maintain a positive, rather than judgemental view of ourselves. It enhances our ability to think straight and is a wonderful boost to our creative inspiration and motivation.

Approx 5.0cm (50mm) long X 4.3cm (43mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.

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