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Agni Manitite ~ Item E


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This is a lovely, small piece of Agni Magnetite, the ‘Pearl of Fire’ meteorite from Java in Indonesia. It has a very misleading energy as it starts off really soft and gentle, then the energy builds and builds the more we connect and work with it.

On a physical level, it’s unusual for a Tektite to feel grounding and protective, yet this one does. It doesn’t seem to stimulate much within the physical body, feeling far more subtle than that as it works on our energetic, auric and etheric systems. Agni Manitite is said to support us in accepting who we are and to move through life with calmness, yet also passion. A stone of motivation, it can facilitate movement in any area of life where we focus our intent, so is a great ally to have when we get stuck, stagnate or run into a wall of fear when we need to move forwards. It slowly raises the frequency of our Solar Plexus chakra, teaching us how to love and honour ourselves and to foster a deeper sense of trust in who we are and where we stand in the external World.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2.5cm (25mm) long x 1.7cm (17mm) wide.

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