Colour : Brown, translucent quartz. Highest grade is see through, lowest grade is a dull black. Heat treated is uniformly black throughout, very shiny and does not look natural. It is worth paying a little more for the see through if working on a physical/auric/spiritual level and the lower grade if using it to absorb electromagnetics. Amethyst works just as well for absorbtion of electromagnetics and may be more cost effective.
Chakra : Base, Sacral, Crown.
Physical : Fertility, reproductive balance, PMS.
Spiritual : A crystal with very strong male energies, it can open the crown chakra, energising the chakra system, yet is protective and grounding at the same time. Excellent tool for releasing stress – not only does Smokey Quartz dispel negative energies, but it draws in positive energy afterward.
Affirmation: I am grounded and centered in my physical body and embrace the flow of Universal energy.

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