Krissy Hodges 
Healing – Transformation – Empowerment 


Colour : Purple, Pink or Green (Prasiolite)
Chakra : Third Eye, Crown, Heart, Higher Heart, Solar Plexus, Throat
Physical : Supports the body’s detox pathways, circulation & the heart. No longer good for sleep as amethyst absorbs a lot of electro-magnetic energy in today’s climate, so refrain from using it for peaceful sleep. Cleanse & charge every time before using for headaches or pain.
Spiritual : Heightens intuition. Most are drawn to amethyst at the start of their spiritual journey. If you have doubts, you will again be drawn to amethyst as it keeps one moving forward. Always before & after use and do not leave in the sun for long periods or the colour will fade. Always set a very clear intention when working with Amethyst.
Affirmation: My connection to the Universe calls in purification, cleansing & protection.

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