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I’ve been a tarot reader for well over a decade now. My cards were gifted to me and right from the very start, I could read into them and connect really well for the client.

I started by reading for friends and family or anyone who would sit still long enough to be a guinea pig 🙂  It took years of practice to learn all of the subtle nuances of each card and what a card meant in various different places. For example, the card Playfulness would have a different meaning in a Relationship Reading than it would as a card of meditation in a General Overview reading.

One of the most useful tools I’ve used along the way……and still do ~ is CRYSTALS!

Crystals are a fantastic way to raise our vibrations, which really helps when trying to intuit something for someone. The higher our vibrations are, the easier it is for information to pop into our head.  If we’re gifted mediumistically, then our higher vibrations allow Spirit to come closer to us.

To start with, I always have a beautiful, clear quartz cluster to use after each reading. I place the cluster on top of the deck of cards and then reiki & programme the cluster, asking it to cleanse and remove all previous energy from the cards so the deck is clean and clear. The cluster stays there until I next use the cards. This ensures they are always ready to go when I need them. Sound is another really good vibration to cleanse a deck of cards. I’ve often seen people use a small singing bowl or knock a chime over their cards.


Clear Quartz is easy to programme, it amplifies our intent, cleanses and is one of the easiest crystals on the planet to work with. I prefer to use a high quality, clear quartz cluster with my deck, but a large quartz point or smokey quartz cluster would work well too. Whatever you feel drawn to, to be used solely for the purpose of clearing and cleansing your tarot deck, will be perfect for you 🙂

Some people like to wear jewellery and others prefer to have crystals around them on some level. For the purpose of tarot reading, I use different crystals for different things. We have to honour how we feel at each reading. Sometimes we may feel tired, might be a bit foggy in the head, don’t feel very connected or aren’t very grounded. We could also feel extremely nervous, over excited, happy or even distracted. Each of us needs something different when reading for others.

Personally, I need to feel grounded, but not too much as grounding myself completely interferes with my intuitive connection.  I need my vibrations to be high, but controlled, with my mind clear and able to process information quickly and accurately.

I usually wear Aqua Aura Quartz or Blue Kyanite for release of stress, a strong connection, good mental clarity and ability to speak the truth.

If I’ve had an emotional week, but feel my heart needs to be more open for a reading, then I’ll use Mangano Calcite, Kunzite or Scolecite to clear and soothe the heart chakra.

Black Tourmaline is amazing for protection against any negativity that may be released during a reading. More often than not, it’s tears, which aren’t negative in themselves. I encourage everyone to open up and release tears when they surface ~ better out than in! As an empath however, I have to remain focused and connected in a reading, empathising & supporting the client, but not taking any of their emotions home with me. Black Tourmaline is the perfect stone for that.

Sometimes we may feel a bit foggy, not as clear or connected as usual. That’s OK. We all have days like that. I’ll reach for Herkimer Diamonds or Moldavite as they raise our vibrations on all levels, so we can connect. The connection usually comes with a lovely burst of energy, but if am really physically tired after a long week, I’ll reach for Garnet.

If you like to have a traditional set up for reading cards, with yourself and client either side of a table ~ then crystals are a fantastic tool to have close by. If a larger size, they can work on us, they can work on the client and create a lovely energy all round. If its a smaller collection of tumblestones, don’t be surprised if the client asks to touch them. I’ve often filled a bowl with smooth, pretty tumblestones and encouraged people to reach for them. Its surprising how much better people feel just from handling a few sparklies 🙂  Its a bit of a cheat for me too, as I read people via crystals, so like to see what someone will go for as it indicates what their inner self is feeling 😉

Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Hematite, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Howlite ~ these are all good small stones to have scattered around a reading area. It is also a good idea to programme each stone, so we’re clear on exactly why a client might reach for it. For example, Rose Quartz ~ needs soothed emotionally, Howlite ~ feels angry, Hematite ~ needs focus & grounding, Amethyst ~ needs to do more spiritual work. One crystal can have several meanings, so until we start to learn all of the different aspects of a crystal, its best to programme them with just one, simple thing and it makes reading with them much, much easier!

If you like larger pieces, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Celestite, Selenite, Citrine, Angel & Aqua Aura Quartz and Rose Quartz are all fantastic pieces to have around us when giving a reading. I like larger pieces when working with others so everyone can feel the positivity 🙂  The above are only suggestions of what works for me ~ which may be completely different to what works for you. Just hold the intent in your mind to find a ‘reading’ crystal and you’ll find the perfect piece for you.

All in all, with any form of spiritual or divination work, crystals are an amazing tool to support us in our learning. Even now, I still consciously check in with myself before a reading and choose crystals or jewellery that will put me in the optimum heart, head and spirit place to connect for a client.

Have a fabulous week 🙂  With Much Love

Krissy XXX

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