Mango Quartz ~ Authenticity, Creativity & Ascension

Mango Quartz ~ Authenticity, Creativity & Ascension

Mango Quartz was first discovered by Don Victor Carranza in Columbia during the early 80s. However, he was involved in several unsavoury business ventures and was a very territorial and paranoid man. After he made the discovery, he sealed the mine entrance so no one else would know where to find ‘his’ beautiful Quartz. It remained hidden in the Columbian jungle until 2017, when the area started to be excavated. It took until spring of last year to begin mining and the first tranches of crystals started to appear on the scene in late 2020.

Mango Quartz is also known as Corona Quartz (because the points are ‘crowned’ in gold) ~ am not sure about you, but I pay attention to synchronicities & coincidences. There is reason this Quartz remained hidden until 2020 and they’ve probably changed the name of it to Mango Quartz for obvious reasons. I personally believe it is one of the crystals here to help humanity ascend into the energy of the new Aquarian Age. When I talk about ‘ascension’, to me, it means accepting the responsibility of raising of our vibration both as individuals and as a collective.

On a technical level, Mango Quartz is clear Quartz that contains Hallyosite (this is the mango or yellow colouring that can be seen within). To be classified as true Mango Quartz, the Hallyosite must be contained within the Quartz, not coated on the outside. This Quartz in it’s pure form is only found in Boyaca Columbia, so always check the source to ensure it is genuine. If it has a lot of white in it and very little yellow, that means there is Kaolin clay involved, which dampens the energy somewhat (which is perfect for some people. Trust that you’ll always been drawn to the right piece for you).

The Quartz points are the most coveted form of this mineral. Anything tumbled is not likely to be true Mango Quartz because there isn’t enough of it to waste the amount that would be lost in the tumbling process. Nor is this mineral Golden Azeztulite as some websites are claiming. This Quartz doesn’t need an Azeztulite or big ‘woo woo’ label, because it’s a little pocket rocket all on it’s own.

When I first started working with Mango Quartz, I couldn’t feel anything energetically. Not in my hand, nor externally on any level. There was no response whatsoever. This is unheard of for me, particularly after being guided to work with something. Although I found it a bit perplexing, I popped it in my pocket and got on with the day. Several days later, I tried again. Nothing. Cleansing it, charging it and setting it with intentions made no difference. I could feel it was a happy crystal, it just seemed……… contained. As if it was bursting with energy, but wasn’t going to share any of it. At first I felt frustrated & a bit worried. Had I lost my crystal mojo??? I still kept it in my pocket though and decided to come back to it later. Maybe it wasn’t ready to reveal it’s intentions to me yet?

However, last month, I sat down and decided to do a bit of journalling and inner child work on some things that were coming up. All of a sudden, it was like the Mango Quartz came alive! My pocket started to warm up and leg started to tingle, so I pulled the Mango Quartz out and THEN it landed.  I had to consciously go inwards for it to work! It’s the first time I’ve ever come across this, but I LOVE it.

The energy of the past few centuries has made humanity weak. We have given up responsibility for so many things in our lives to systems that no longer serve us.  It suddenly made PERFECT sense that a new crystal would arrive on the scene that is alluring, stunning & mysterious. One that would ask us to take responsibility for our own lives and lead us back towards the most authentic version of ourselves. If we’re willing to make that journey, of course.

I feel that Mango Quartz is here to filter out all the emotional and energetic noise we experience every day ~ particularly that in our own head! When I use Mango Quartz to go inwards in any way, everything else sort’ve drops away. I don’t get distracted, tired, irritable or experience anything negative around doing the work, so my sense is it eased Ego mind involvement considerably. I’ll often comfort eat when releasing old emotion, but don’t feel that urge at all when using this Quartz. I also felt quite stable and strong when doing the inner child work, like I could hold that part of myself instead of getting caught up in the emotion.

For me, Mango Quartz works in two stages. Firstly, we go inwards and do some exploratory work. Whether that is observing our thoughts and behaviour and dealing with anything that makes our day worse. Whether we dive into our emotions, wounding from the past and do some inner child work, or if we treat our physical body from a holistic perspective, looking at the energetic imbalance that may be causing physical illness or issues to manifest in our body. Whether we go inwards to work on our mind, our emotions or our body, Mango Quartz supports us in making that deep connection.

Once that connection is made, what needs to come up will come up, but it does so in a far gentler, more manageable way. I have a history of trauma that has often left me in overwhelm or fight/flight/freeze mode. Since working with Mango Quartz, each time that energy comes up, it is easier to deal with. This beautiful crystal takes me to a place inside where I know ‘everything is going to be OK’. It feels very calming, centering and peaceful. It feels like coming home to ourselves.

The second stage is catalytic, but in a supportive rather than chaotic way. More like a strength that grows from within, day by day. Once we have gained the awareness we need to identify the issue and connect to it, that energy is released and we move on to the stage where we need to take action to change. Change how we’re thinking, behaving, feeling or experiencing. I LOVE this stage as Mango Quartz unleashes a burst of creativity, joyfulness and motivation. It gives us the kick we need to make the changes that need to be made to lead us back to our Authentic self.

I found the energy sparked my creativity and through that connection to Self, it was creativity inspired by the divine or Source rather than life experience. It really helped me channel and explore creative ideas that felt guided or driven by a higher power. This is a much needed energy in the World as the current systems endeavour to snuff out social connection & creativity on multiple levels.

I also received guidance, where I could see the energy of the crystal working internally, at a cellular level. It was morphing cells that looked damaged or weren’t whole and making them fully round again, forming an energy field around them that attracted negative energy like a sponge. The cell stayed perfectly round and healthy, with what looked like debris clinging to it’s external surface. These cells then carried that debris out of our body via detox pathways when their job was done. I am not claiming that Mango Quartz can heal us on a cellular level as I haven’t worked with it long enough to definitively state that. However, the images were crystal clear, like watching a video in my mind, so am simply sharing what was seen.

Through working with this crystal to heal and clear issues from the past, that naturally raises our vibration. It also strengthens our sense of self esteem, self confidence, inner strength, inner unity, trust in ourselves and the bigger picture. We are supporting in honouring the human ‘Self’ and our Soul, bringing the two into union. Theses are mainly Solar Plexus Chakra related issues, but I wouldn’t say Mango Quartz would do these things for you on it’s own. You’d need to do the work and it supports and provides little catalytic boosts or moments on inner rest/peace along the way ~ whatever we need at the time to keep moving forwards. On an energetic level, once we’ve connected to it, Mango Quartz also works beautifully with the energy of the Golden Ray and Christ Consciousness, which is the awareness of the higher self as part of a collective system and a unity with the divine/Source.

I get excited about any new crystal to be fair, but with this one, am excited for myself, let anyone else who is drawn to work with it. The ‘Golden Crown’ this gorgeous Quartz represents is the one placed on your head at the end of the journey that crowns you as your authentic, sovereign self. This cute little Quartz with it’s mysterious background will be with my on my journey for the coming years, as humanity works on a global level to break down the old systems and create new ones that serve us all far better. Our responsibility, if you consider yourself a light worker, is to do the work we need to do on an individual level to raise our own vibrations.

These individual, higher frequencies join a collective effort so that humanity may ascend into the new energy that is coming our way. This is preferable to dragging ourselves into it with a boatload of baggage from the past & the entanglement of corrupt systems that no longer serve us. This move into the new energy is a process, it will not happen with a flick of a switch. We have to move slowly into it over a period of years in order for our body’s and the Earth to adjust. We are in the most difficult years of this process at the moment. The time frame astrologically is 2020-2024 and for America in particular, there is an extra whammy of transformational energy on top of the global energy that runs from 2022-2024. I imagine that it will change the country forever. So it is really important that we focus on taking responsibility for our own lives and ways of living and raise our vibrations as much as we can. A good saying for 2021 and Mango Quartz in general is ‘Stay in your own lane’.

Mango Quartz represents our authenticity, our responsibility, our creativity, our sovereignty and our ascension into a life that feels healthy, whole and content. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi:

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the World will also change

Or as is more commonly attributed ‘BE the change you want to see in the World’. Never in the history of humanity has this message been more important.

With love and brightest of blessings





Dear Krissy

My quartz arrived on Wednesday and I wasn’t sure what to do with it.  It got very hot in my hand but I’m not able to carry it around all day.  I tucked it in my bra (favourite place) but didn’t seem to get anything, put it under my pillow and slept with it, nothing.

Then last night during my sleep I was guided to take hold of the Mango Quartz – WOW!  A really peaceful feeling and a complete opening in my chest – I haven’t been able to breathe this easily for months, maybe years.  It’s as though the coils of tension of which I was seemingly unaware had unravelled.  My hand, arm and the crystal were red hot.  In my dream state I was back ‘viewing’ events from years ago, seeing them from a different perspective and being at peace with them.  I woke this morning with a feeling of optimism, that all is well and as it should be.

Absolutely fabulous!  Thank you so much for enabling me to access this wonderful gem. Lots of Love, Jo ~ February 2021





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    This was really interesting, thanks 😊

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