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Eclipse Season ~ October 2023

This month is full of powerful energies that are asking us to dig deep and transform on fundamental levels. It’s no longer enough to manage the symptoms ~ we need to dive down, identify the root cause of our issues and clear/heal/release them permanently.

Whilst this process may feel uncomfortable, as let’s face it, there has already been SO much asked of us over the past few years ~ it is ultimately for our highest good! Eclipse energy is strange as the intensity of it can build and break like waves upon the shore weeks before the exact date. The process of understanding the transformation that is being asked of us, of getting to the very ROOT of the issue, then taking right action and finally, integrating those changes, is likely to last all the way through to the next set of eclipses in Spring 2024.

There is a FIRE in the energy of this eclipse season with Mars moving into Scorpio shortly before the first eclipse and Mercury and the Sun just before the 2nd eclipse (seriously can’t make this timing up! The stars truly do guide us). Mars is the cosmic action taker and Scorpio holds our deepest, darkest secrets, shame and self-judgement…. so already, you can see how the scene this month is being set. Helllooooo drama llama and being kicked up the a**e in any areas of life where we’ve been procrastinating, shelving something or not taking self-responsibility seriously. These eclipses are going to highlight where we feel the most dissatisfaction and ask us to take different action towards resolving it.

I do feel that is the KEY for this eclipse season. If we do what we’ve always done, nothing will change. So, if you’re struggling and not sure of what action to take, do the opposite to what you’ve always done. If you usually leap into action, move into receptivity. If you usually sit and wait to be guided, make a plan and start taking action. If you’re normally quiet, speak up. If you’re usually the solution provider, step back and give someone else the space to step up.

There is also a strong karmic element to the eclipses this month as we are collectively ending a 19-year cycle and preparing for a new one to start. That is why, for some, it may feel like certain areas of life are being burned to the ground ~ so you can rise from the ashes anew.

Questions to ask yourself are:

  • What no longer serves you?
  • What part of your past are you being asked to let go of so you can transform into a happier, more authentic version of yourself?
  • Where is your current identity being challenged?

Do whatever work is being asked of you now, to the best of your ability, and it will reveal hidden talents, gifts or potential within that you never knew were there.

The first eclipse on Saturday 14th October is a New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Libra. New Moon’s always ask: what do you need to release or let go of? This is likely to trigger us emotionally on deep levels, particularly as Libra governs our relationships ~ this includes the relationship with ourselves as well as those close to us. It can relate to love or money and symbolises endings and beginnings. This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of relationships themselves (although that’s a possibility). It can also refer to our behaviour and how we show up in them or how we express our power or give it up to others. Things that are breaking down will either dissolve completely or we’ll transform the breakdown into a breakthrough and come back stronger.

There are no half measures this time round. What we fail to address now will only come back harder and in a more dramatic fashion in Spring of next year. All you’ll be doing is delaying the inevitable and making it a lot harder for yourself in the process.

The second eclipse is a partial, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on 28/29th October 2023. Taurus is the sign of Self Worth. The first eclipse is going to highlight the issue, the second is going to ask us what we feel we are worthy of and to uplevel on a grand scale. Where the first eclipse asks us to release the past, this second eclipse asks us what we wish to manifest in our future?

What do you feel worthy of? Where can you uplevel and how can you bring a new, juicy, abundant feeling of richness into your everyday life?

With Love

Krissy xxx

Image courtesy of: Romolo Tavani and downloaded via free account from Shutterstock

7 thoughts on “Eclipse Season ~ October 2023”

  1. Rachelle walker

    Beautiful explained and with energy to help us look at potential possibilities of change and it’s reward of understanding self

    Love it 🙏 💕

  2. Yes, it’s all what’s happening in and around me. Thanks for making it clear and valuable what’s happening. 💖

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