Crystals and Cancer

Crystals and Cancer

Hello There 🙂

I have been asked on many occasions over the last few months whether crystals have any effect on the disease, Cancer.

I will say right from the get go that I do not believe crystals can cure cancer. Anyone who sells a crystal saying it can cure cancer needs their brain washed.

Crystals can, however, work brilliantly well as part of a holistic approach that is implemented at the same time as conventional medical treatment.

Crystals can most certainly support on a physical level by lessening inflammation, easing pain, boosting the immune system or increasing blood flow. They can support us on a mental level, allowing our mind to settle down and process things better, they can ease insomnia and allow us to rest or they can bring order to a chaotic mind in order that we may communicate effectively. Crystals can also support us emotionally by easing fear, guilt, despair, helplessness and worry.

So when I am asked what crystals can help those suffering from cancer, I suggest a little medicine bag filled with a small combination of crystals that can be given as a gift. We can either use a proper medicine bag like those shown below, which hangs around the neck. Or it could just be a small pouch of crystals carried in our pocket, or even in our bra 😉

Every person experiencing cancer is going to do so differently. One person might struggle emotionally, someone else might be in a great deal of pain, some will go into denial, some might feel extremely fearful whilst others are quietly confident that they’ll beat it!

No single crystal is going to cover everything someone is going through, but a small combination can work wonders. I’ve often put together bags that have 6-7 crystals in them and suggested people choose which stones they want to carry in the bag each day, so they are creating a conscious relationship with their crystals. Sometimes someone has taken just one with them on any given day, at other times its the whole lot!


I highly recommend the following three stones for all types of cancer on multiple levels:

Pink Petalite ~ this eases our emotions on a deep level, much deeper than Rose Quartz. Cancer is a difficult illness to process emotionally as just the word can bring up several different conflicting feelings at once…let alone actually experiencing it! Pink Petalite seems to have an energy that works really well on that yo-yo type of emotional roller coaster. On a physical level, its great for the heart and nervous system.

Black Onyx ~ is grounding, safety, security and best of all, eases worry. It is the ‘Worrier’s Stone’ so works really well to ease day to day anxiety levels. Physically it works on the legs, hips, bones and spine.

Peridot ~ eases irrational fear better than any other stone I’ve worked with. Irrational fears are fears over which we have no control….for example whether the sun is going to shine or a train arrive on time. We may feel anxious and fearful, which uses up a heck of a lot of energy over something we have no control over changing. Irrational fears are futile energy gobblers…….but we all have them! Peridot is also the recommended stone for those suffering from lung or breast cancer.

With regard to easing the mental pressure that comes with experiencing cancer, there are several stones that again, work on multiple levels. You’ll know instinctively which one would work best for yourself/friend/family member:

Lapis Lazuli ~ works sooooo well on mental anxiety and has the added benefit of easing insomnia and quietening the mind enough for us to sleep. Lapis also helps relationships of all kinds and is a very strong, masculine, supportive stone. On a physical level it is great for headaches and migraines.

Blue Lace Agate ~ is the opposite from Lapis and works directly on the nervous system, which in turn eases the amount of nervous energy signals sent to the brain. These signals start to agitate us, raise our blood pressure and make us feel nervous, which then translates to anxiety. Blue Lace Agate is very feminine, soothing and supportive, aiding those who are shy to speak their truth.

Howlite ~ eases anger and erratic mental activity. Many people who experience cancer go through a period of anger and who can blame them. I’d feel angry & confused if one day a diagnosis turned my life upside down. Howlite is also good for sleep/insomnia and strengthens our bones & teeth.

Life's enjoyment

Some people experiencing cancer come to realise that it is a conscious spiritual journey for them (which it is not for everyone), in which case I would recommend:

Black Tourmaline ~ when working with higher vibration stones or spiritual energy, I would always use Black Tourmaline. It protects us from attracting darkness to our light….and from taking on anything that might create negativity within us.

Danburite ~ perfect crystal to use if exploring past lives, our life path or the deeper reasoning behind our experiences.

Herkimer Diamonds ~ brings crystal clear, highly clarified information and energy into our system.

If the person you know is finding themselves very tired and low, which is par for the course if receiving long term treatment for cancer, I recommend:

Garnet ~ supports our circulatory system,  immune system, enriches our blood network and therefore provides quite a lot of motivation and energy, particularly when we feel drained.

Citrine ~ provides energy straight into our solar plexus, our sense of self, happiness, confidence, abundance, trust and joy. It is my go-to stone whenever life gets challenging and also when its joyful!

Lepidolite ~ full of Lithium and an excellent mood stabiliser. Eases feelings of depression and despair.

And for supporting our physical body, I recommend:

Malachite ~ excellent natural inflammatory, supports our renal system, kidneys, liver & pancreas. Eases pain, swelling and inflammation and on a mental/emotional level, helps us through negative thoughts and feelings so we can release them.

Chrysocolla ~ another excellent natural anti inflammatory. Eases diabetes, works on our entire glandular system, particularly the adrenals. Chrysocolla also eases feelings of guilt and grief. The grief is understandable, but guilt is a surprisingly common emotion expressed by those experiencing cancer.

Sugilite ~ extremely effective pain killer and anti inflammatory. Good for burns and swelling. People often report strange sensations in their skin during intensive chemo or radiotherapy. The skin becomes very sensitive, sometimes feeling like it is burning or there are strange, painful nervous sensations that prickle the skin. Sugilite held against the affected area eases those symptoms. It also supports us if cancer is proving to be a spiritual lesson.

The above suggestions are just that…… they are by no means a definitive list. What works for one may not work for another.  This list is simply what I would use personally were I to experience cancer. Having worked with clients whom have been (or are still going) through treatment for cancer, these are also the crystals they say helped them the most.

If you prefer to intuitively select a crystal for someone, just imagine them in your mind, connect to a memory of time spent with them and ask what crystal would help. Your heart/spirit will lead you to the perfect choice 🙂

As an addition, I would highly recommend Shungite water. This is water that has been placed next to a piece of Shungite and been energised by it. It keeps our system cleansed and energised and is good any time, let alone when we’re struggling with a serious illness.

I always have a stock of all of these crystals in small pieces and usually create little medicine gift bags that come with instructions for under £10 for 3-4 crystals. Please just drop me a line.

Have a lovely day. With much love

Krissy XXX


  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you for sharing this information

  2. Cherry Blackmore says

    I agree. Crystals have limits to their healing ability; and it seems cancer might be a part of the patient’s soul contract for that incarnation.

    I’m glad you mentioned Petalite. Not only can it assist in cases of cancer; it also does well with autoimmune diseases and spinal problems. Just after the Covid lockdown started, I began experiencing vicious pain in the top of my cervical spine and the base of my skull, along with the frequent and disturbing sensation that the same were moving about, like tectonic plates in a slip fault earthquake (but really, *seriously* painful). Since I have asthma and two autoimmune conditions, only an emergency would see me going anywhere near a hospital or GP surgery under those circumstances; this was nearly that emergency, but my Petalite pendant saved the day. It’s a lovely little cluster of seven small round brilliant-cut clear stones, and maybe ten minutes after I was drawn to put it on, by either sheer instinct or its prompting me, I experienced one last, tectonic-style movement – only this time it was mercifully painless – and everything settled back down. I’m grateful for that, because the pain was enough to make me feel like someone was trying to detach my head the hard way!

    For cancer, Castorite (the clear type of Petalite) can work just as well as the pink. It just depends on what works best for the individual.

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