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Barite (Baryte) ~ A Crystal of Blissful Connection

Barite (formerly known as Baryte) is both an individual crystal and the title of a group of crystals. Most of the Barite group have a very ethereal, angelic, high vibration and draw in feelings of blissfulness and deep connection.

The name Barite is derived from the word ‘heavy’ in Greek. Although Barite contains the heavy metal Barium, it is not toxic due to being insoluble.  Other names for it are barytite, heavy spar & schwerspath. There is a phosphorescent, radiating form of Barite named Bologna Stone that was widely coveted by alchemists in the 17th Century.  Barite is readily available in many countries worldwide and we mined 9.7 million tonnes of it for a variety of industrial purposes in 2014.

On a holistic level, high quality Barite crystals are hard to come by. It so often grows with variety of other minerals, rocks and deposits that pure, crystalline Barite is like finding gold dust!  The energy of pure Barite however is one of my absolute favourites. On a personal level, it makes me feel joy, wonder almost as it is so very blissful and uplifting. I am instantly in my adult self, humble ~ it somehow makes me feel like I am in the presence of something greater than myself and the connection it brings when used on the third eye, crown or any upper chakras is wonderful!

Psychologically, Barite helps us to process information regarding ourselves and how we relate to others. It can help us to see where we are giving up our power to other people ~ and it clearly shows us who should be in our life and who it is time to let go of. Barite brings clarity and reason to our mental thought processes, calming down an over active mind.

Spiritually, I believe this crystal connects us to the highest version of support and guidance available to us at any given time. It is said to facilitate dreams, visions, shamanic work, working clairvoyantly or astrally. Although it makes me feel a bit away with the fairies and dreamy (MUST use a grounding stone afterwards) sometimes, the insights I receive when working with it are potently accurate.


I recommend using Barite consciously and responsibly if it’s energy affects you strongly. Some people can hold it and feel very little energy ~ others can feel warmth and tingling on a physical level, others feel it on an emotional level and some people get all of it at once, which can be a little overwhelming. Even if you are experienced, use it a little at a time until you’ve really connected to the crystal. It surprised me by how strongly it affected me as it is deceptively pale, shimmery blue and pretty!

I’d start by meditating with it for a short time (sitting up, hands in lap holding the crystal), don’t do anything else, just sit and let your thoughts flow. Your subconscious mind will remember anything it needs to. Write down anything you can remember in a notebook afterwards if you’d like. You could write a meditation journal specifically working with Barite (as it is a crystal that brings results) or a dream journal if you’d like to explore the meaning of powerful or unusual dreams.

If you feel the energy quite strongly, make sure to have a small bite to eat and some good grounding crystals to work with afterwards or you’ll feel spaced out for ages. Again, please don’t worry if you don’t feel any big ‘woo woo’ ~ some of us need a big kick, others need a more subtle approach. Barite does what it says on the tin 😉

Once you’re comfortable meditating with Barite, lie down and experiment with placing it on different chakra points. If you’d like to read my informative blog on Crystals & The Chakra System, please Click Here.

The throat & third eye are the best ones to start with ~ then work your way up through the upper chakras one by one. I’d highly recommend working with one upper chakra at a time per session or it can leave you feeling a bit spacey & disconnected. It’s OK to work with one or all of the main, physical body chakras in one session, but the upper ones need more careful handling as they can really affect how our brain and everything in our head is working.

Physically, Barite is great for shifting unwanted energy out of our auric field (clearing blocks). Again, if doing deep energy work with Barite or if it feels like something big has shifted, take it slowly with one chakra at a time. Deep energy work can often affect how we’re feeling physically. Barite is also known for being a good Earth healer & was used by Native Americans, who believed that Barite clusters (often called a Barite Rose) were gifts from their warrior ancestors. Barite is also said to enhance our memory, release anxiety & nervous energy and generally soothe, calm and comfort us.

Working with Barite crystals, whether on a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical level, gets us where we need to go.

With love and blessings

Krissy XXX




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