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krissyMy name is Kristy Hodges. I was born in California in 1972, but spent a lifetime growing up in overseas countries and travelling the world and now live in Yorkshire, UK.

I first ‘felt’ the energetic impact of a crystal in 1990. It was Moldavite and the flush made me feel hot, dizzy and completely mind blown! It took a further 25 extensive years to learn how to work with crystals & energy and will be an ongoing journey for life!

Since then, my spiritual path has spanned many countries & cultures from the Middle East to Asia and Europe to America. I have passionately studied indigenous cultures, animal medicine, astrology, tarot, mediumship, psychic skills, shamanism, paganism, counselling, relationships & parenting to name but a few subjects and have been blessed to experience many wonderful people and energies along the way.

I now live in Yorkshire with my beautiful teenage son. I’m in a wonderful, healthy relationship with the love of my life and supported by the most amazing family & friends. To top it off, I have the joy of running Serendipity Crystals, travelling the country as a crystal retailer, therapist, counsellor, teacher, healer, spiritual development guide and empowerment coach. When asked to give my work a label, I would say that I’m primarily an Energy Worker. Whether that be crystals, the stars, earth, sun, moon, land, buildings or people….if it vibrates, then I can resonate, read and work with it.

Spare time is spent with friends & family. I’m passionate about reading urban fantasy books ~ getting lost in a world of magic, mystery and adventure gives my brain a well needed rest……and music!! I try to go to several concerts each year to see bands get their groove on & love most genres. My partner’s passion is his Harley Davidson & bike rallies, so we travel to lots of cool places on a massive bike and generally have a ball 🙂 All in all, I’m a very lucky, blessed woman. It hasn’t come easy and self betterment is still a work in progress!

Thank you for popping along to read this information today and I hope you have a wonderful week 🙂

31 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello Kristy Hodges my name is Karen Mckenzie I live in Michigan-USA I like your article & your face looks so kind & friendly . My message is I need a reading or help to find out more about my new found gift of Empath- I don’t have a lot of money but was wondering if you could possibly do something I can afford. I have a feeling you may be the one to help me where others can’t. It sounds like you’re a very busy lady but if you could send me a reply I would be very grateful. Sending Peace & love your way- Karen

    1. Hi Karen, thanks so much for getting in touch. Please drop me an email via and am certain we can arrange or trade something that won’t break the bank. If nothing else, am happy to give some good pointers that will enable you to self explore ~ and those are free, from my heart to yours. Bright blessings and look forward to hearing from you, Krissy 🙂

  2. Helen McCarthy

    Hi Krissy, it was wonderful to meet you in Buxton and I hope we find each other again, your positivity and knowledge was inspiring and I felt empowered after our conversations. With love and light, Helen x

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  6. Luna Auristela

    Hi Kristy! I am Luna, and I am ALWAYS in search of crystals that are not “man made” or “lab made.” I don’t like the personal energies of someone else being imbued into a stone during its creation. That being said, I have been taken for a fool quite a few times and sold something that I later found out to be man-made. I was wondering how I can be sure your supplier is offering you completely natural Blue Obsidian? I have been on a search for it for some time and even my most reliable store seems to have it priced at a tag I will NEVER be able to afford. Thank you for your time and understanding of my inquiry! Many blessings!

    1. Hi Luna, lovely to hear from you. I have had an excellent relationship with my suppliers for over a decade ~ if they say something is real it’s real and can usually provide accurate sources or mining information. If they say it is man made, then it is so. My suppliers know I’ve built my reputation on honesty and excellent pricing so would not dream of messing up our relationship by selling me something man made and saying it’s real. They’d lose my business in a heartbeat! They are also experts in the field and don’t believe on sticking crazy high price tags on things just because they are rare. Not everyone is in it for money. Hope that helps answer your query. Many thanks and bright blessings, Krissy

    2. Hi Luna, lovely to hear from you. I have had an excellent relationship with my suppliers for over a decade ~ if they say something is real it’s real and can usually provide accurate sources or mining information. If they say it is man made, then it is so. My suppliers know I’ve built my reputation on honesty and excellent pricing so would not dream of messing up our relationship by selling me something man made and saying it’s real. They’d lose my business in a heartbeat! They are also experts in the field and don’t believe on sticking crazy high price tags on things just because they are rare. Not everyone is in it for money. Hope that helps answer your query. Many thanks and bright blessings, Krissy

  7. Hi Kristy,
    Hmmmm i think i may of been drawn here for a reason lol. Nice to meet you. Much love and many blessings to you.

  8. Brian Szabadkay

    Hi Kristy

    I found your article on charging crystals with sunlight very helpful. About a month ago I bought a necklace with a Lapis Lazuli crystal on it. It was hand made by The Najja Tribe in Deep River Ontario, Canada. I suffer from anxiety, and it said on the label that Lapis Lazuli helps with that type of condition. It has worked wonders for me. But recently I have been noticing the effects were much less then before. This is my first time ever dealing with crystals etc……so I did some research on the topic, and came across your blog. While making lunch, I set my Lapis Lazuli in the sun for about a half an hour. Held it tightly in my hand for a bit after, and thought about positive thoughts. I put my necklace back on, and it does feel different to me. I wear my necklace all the time now, It’s almost like a piece of positive energy for me. And it has helped me with my anxiety issue. What do you think about Lapis Lazuli? It’s a beautiful crystal, and I’m glad to have it to be part of my life. Thank You again!!! 🙂 Brian

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Brian

      Lovely to hear from you and thanks so much for sharing your story. That sounds like an amazing piece you have! Lapis is a wonderful stone, I use it regularly when my mind is too over active or mentally stressed. I see crystals as little batteries, they need a bit of a cleanse/recharge every now and again and are good to go. You are obviously quite sensitive if you felt the energy in the first place, then felt it lessen and wondered why. That’s awesome! 🙂 Enjoy your Lapis, wishing you a lovely day, bright blessings, Krissy

  9. Iona Courtenay

    Hello Kristy, this is such a great blog! I usually don’t take much notice of these things as I am a ‘student’ of a great Energy Master in Bali. However I noticed something rattling around in my friend’s water bottle this morning and asked her about it, which led me to search and to you 🙂 It said on one site that you should put the shungite NEAR a glass of water, not in it; is this so?
    I’d like to help my son who has suicidal depression though he’s on medication now. This sounds promising; what do you suggest? A bracelet? And do you sell the flat pieces for a mobile phone?
    So good you are doing this work!!
    Love to you and everyone in the Great and Precious Life 🙂 <3
    (Malvern UK)

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Iona

      Thank you for the lovely feedback, it’s much appreciated 🙂

      There are indirect and direct methods of making energised water. Some prefer to put their crystal inside the water (direct), some outside (indirect). It really is a matter of personal preference. I am very sensitive, so prefer to use the indirect method. I also can’t be bothered messing around with jugs, water etc. I simply have a circle of various crystals and my water glass sits within the circle, with the crystals being changed as and when. Currently, am using Natural Citrine, Grade A Shungite and Black Moonstone.

      If your son has severe depressions, firstly, does he want a piece of crystal? He has to want it or feel drawn himself. Shungite is a very unusual energy and a lot of people don’t like it, so I would suggest purchasing a piece and seeing if HE likes it or not before energising his water. My son also suffers from depression. If I do things that disempower him or if I try to take control, he has openly said that makes things worse ~ so it’s a question of your son WANTING to do this himself that is the key. If he doesn’t, then I’d leave crystals and energised water as a suggestion only. If he wants to look into it further, he can. If you do decide to go ahead with Shungite water, please use the indirect method as I also wouldn’t want his system to be overloaded or for it to affect the current medication he is taking.

      I’d also look at Lepidolite. If you wanted to purchase a bracelet or pendant in this crystal, I’d highly recommend it. It’s full of Lithium and excellent for depression. It also wouldn’t cause any adverse effects like the Shungite might as it has a gentle, supportive energy that soothes our nervous system, whereas Shungite can fire it up and set it on edge.

      Please use the drop down menu on the right hand side of the home page on the website to see what crystals are in stock. Scroll down to Shungite and it will show you all the products in stock, one of which is lovely little mobile phone protectors 🙂

      Hope that answers your questions, but feel free to drop me a line if you have any further queries. With love and bright blessings and lots of healing energy to your boy, Krissy

  10. Dearest Kristy. With all my heart thank you for my beautiful amazing Watermelon Tourmaline. It’s energy is so beautiful, strong but gentle, subtle and relentless like it stretches to the edges of infinity. I sense it will heal unconditionally who ever is near to it. The most amazing subtle powerhouse of loving energy. Thank you for passing on to me my little bit of heaven. Lots of love to you Julie x

    1. Kristy Hodges

      You’re most welcome Julie ~ you’re spot on about the energy, it’s simply sublime/divine! Have a wonderful day, much love xxx

  11. Walter Wilson

    You have fine selections, well presented, but too rich for a 75 year old solitary male witch living on SS. If I had the money, we would do business. I don’t have the (any) money, so consider this appreciation for your hard work. Thank you. Blessed be.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Oh bless you Walter, what a lovely message, thank you very much and blessed be to you too 🙂

  12. Hi kristy,i i came across your website & i was curious if you’ve heard of rainbow mayanite,it sure sounds like an awesome crystal ( the terminated 1’s are a buffered strength vibe & the sheet or shard 1’s are only to be used by professional energy workers, they are both of equal vibe yet depends on level of the individual a lot more info than what i have written here, because it would take the entire page😆🧡💎🕊️,i hope this makes sense if you have not read up on them,warm regards master po🧡💎🕊️

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hey Master Po, I have indeed worked with these crystals. Magical to say the least! Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing your wisdom 🙂

  13. Phillipa Major

    Beautiful website! I’ve just discovered you and placed my first order, beautiful rare crystals you have! Thank you

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Thanks so much Phillipa, absolutely love your positive vibes, thank you 🙂 x

  14. Hello,
    I have a pyrite necklace that I have previously purchased. How would I cleanse and recharge it? It has helped me with my anixety alot.
    Please let me know when you get a chance.
    Thank you

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi ~ to cleanse, I’d use a soft toothbrush, non abrasive toothpaste and give it a gentle scrub under running water. Make sure to dry off well and then pop on the windowsill on a sunny day and it will cleanse and charge both physically and energetically. Bright blessings, Krissy

  15. Hi Kristy, My name is Bonnie. I traveled many countries around the world as a child. It looks like we have similar experiences. This summer, I visited Yellowstone National Park, not knowing what to expect, and had a feeling in my body. I described this feeling as feeling the energy flowing through my system, mainly around my Sacral Chakra. Never had this feeling before, still doesn’t know what happened a spiritual awakening or something else. While in Wyoming, I got interested in crystals, meditation and their healing purposes. In short, I meditate a lot, bought some crystals and the Book “The Secret”, I am sure where all this comes from. And more keeps coming my way.
    Please let me know if you have some inside of what is happening. Thanks, hear from you soon. Bonnie

  16. Hi Kristy, your website’s name is quite apt as it’s by a great good stroke of serendipity that I stumbled across it. I’m a crystal lover myself, and learning some modalities of energy healing as well. I would love to work full time as a crystal retailer and have my own business some day, and i must say I love your site. It’s so informative, I’ve spent the past couple of hours browsing through the awesome collection of crystals you stock and reading up on their amazing properties. The more I read up on crystals, the more I feel there is to learn. And so many amazing new crystals popping up each day! I’m going for crystal pranic healing later in February, and quite looking forward to it. So happy to see that you ship to India, hoping to add some of these beauties to my collection.

  17. Just received my shungite crystals today , they where amazing and packaged so nicely and even included a free dark amethyst stone how kind . The energy from them is amazing . I choose to order form here as this was the first site I had found where , there was amazing information and blogs on the crystals which really explained them in great depth unlike other sites . I could feel they where really knowledgeable and care , it took me months to find somewhere to order crystals but I will most definitely be ordering again . Thank you so much and your blogs are also amazing xx

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share such lovely feedback, it’s much appreciated. With love, Krissy

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