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Smaragd Quartz ~ Healing the Higher Heart/Thymus Chakra

Smaragd Quartz is an interesting metaphysical tool.

At first I wondered why someone would create a name for something that already existed, for the word Smaragd comes from the Greek word Smaragdos, meaning Emerald. Smaragd Quartz is effectively Emerald in Quartz.

However, having worked extensively with Emerald for years, as soon as I touched the Smaragd Quartz, which comes from deep within a mine in South Africa, it instantly felt different. There is something about the energy that isn’t quite Emerald and isn’t quite Quartz either……logic dictates that a combination would create something of equal energetic balance between those two minerals, but it doesn’t. It creates a vibration that resonates much higher.

Smaragd Quartz vibrates at the frequency of the Higher Heart Chakra.  There aren’t many crystals that resonate specifically and solely to the Higher Heart, so I thought I’d do some work with this wonderful little crystal and see what information came forth.

Firstly, the Emerald within Smaragd Quartz is gemstone quality. If it could be extracted directly from the Quartz it would instantly be put aside for the jewellery trade and cost a fortune. However, because the Emerald grows through and within the Quartz (see below), it is impossible to extract and therefore, these sparkling, highly energetic and pure pieces of Emerald in Quartz have been named Smaragd Quartz. Minerologists would argue the difference, but I am coming purely from a metaphysical, holistic and energetic point of view. If you would like to experiment for yourself, simply work with the three different crystals as I have. Sit with pure Emerald, sit with pure Quartz and then sit with Smaragd Quartz. All of a sudden, the difference between them becomes crystal clear (pun intended 😉 ).


The Higher Heart Chakra, also called the Thymus Chakra, lies between the Heart and Throat Chakras.  I believe this is an incredibly important chakra to work with over the next few years as it is where our most heartfelt intent originates from…..and is also one of the chakras in which fear resides.

Think about when something shocks or scares us. We’ll often inhale sharply in fear or as a nervous reaction. If you try inhaling sharply now as if pretending to be shocked, where does that inhale stop and lock energy into place? Yes…..the Higher Heart Chakra. This is why meditation and healing modalities always include taking breaths deep down into our lungs…….it ensures that we’re breathing deeply and correctly and not allowing energy to stagnate in our respiratory system. This chakra is also one of the main meridian points used in EFT and tapping practices and if you tap around the area on the breast bone, you will find the exact point as it will feel slightly painful.

Working with the Higher Heart Chakra creates a strong connection between our physical body and our Higher Self/Spirit. It is this area that also holds the patterning for our immune system and past life experiences, so its wise to try and keep it clear and free of any blockages.

Lying down and placing a piece of Smaragd Quartz directly on the Higher Heart Chakra point releases any negative energy that is held in that area. Ensure that the crystal is cleansed, charged and at first, programmed to release negative energy. Place it on the correct point (which you will have found as it feels a bit sore) and hold your hand flat over the top of the crystal and chakra point, approximately a centimetre or two away. If you know how to reiki yourself, then do so now.

If not, imagine a deep, green, throbbing wave of energy coming out of your hand, going through the crystal and passing through your body from front to back. I’ve tried drawing the energy down through my crown, but with this crystal and chakra point, front to back works much more effectively than bringing energy through the body and out through the feet. See the green wave taking any negative energy with it, as if sweeping through with a broom. This may feel a bit odd, as if waves of energy are emanating out of the chest. They sometimes feel a little like pins and needles or the release may create a wave of nausea or make you feel feel uncomfortable. Try to bear with it until the sensations pass.

Once the negative energy has been released, pick up the crystal and reprogram it to draw in positive energy. I’ve actually got two pieces, one for release and one for adding energy, but one piece could be used for both tasks. I usually ask for Divine Love, given the Higher Heart Chakra also symbolises our pure and compassionate connection with the Universe.

I imagine pure green, sparkling energy pouring into my chest through the crystal and it feels absolutely amazing! The energy thats being added doesn’t go through and out of my back, it pools and spins within my chest area, often creating a ball of energy that I see as feeding my system as and when its needed. Throughout the whole exercise, ensure that you breathe in deeply through the mouth and out through the nose, ensuring the lungs are filled and all air is exhaled. People probably think I’m bonkers, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it 😉

This exercise is a great thing to do any time you feel you’ve had an emotional week. It doesn’t take very long, no more than 10-15 minutes. I feel the above exercise and using Smaragd Quartz really boosts my immune system too. There is a very pure, cleansing and healing energy to this Quartz.

Due to this wonderful ability to cleanse and re-energise the Higher Heart, Smaragd Quartz helps us to move on from the past and disconnect from the painful emotions that keep pulling us back to the things that have hurt us. It allows our heart to move on and is useful during cutting ties exercises. Smaragd Quartz has the added benefit of being a fabulous little manifestation tool, drawing in abundance along with Divine Love. Try using several pieces in a crystal grid and see what happens. The energy feels very ‘rich’, which is probably why Emerald has long been associated with financial prosperity.

What is also great about this Quartz is that it doesn’t cost the earth! There aren’t huge pieces available, which keeps the cost down to £3-£5 per piece.

With much love and hugs

Krissy XXX

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Pieces sell quite quickly on the website, but I’ve got quite a bit in stock so if there aren’t any pieces online, please just drop me a line and I can send you a photo of what’s in stock.

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