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Ruby in Kyanite – Item J


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This is a gorgeous, polished piece of the rare Ruby in Blue Kyanite. It feels absolutely dreamy and has such a potent energy. This blend is not subtle in the slightest, even though it physically feels so soft, supportive and tactile. These pieces all have wonderful energy and the depth of colour of both the blue Kyanite and the chunks of Ruby within it is really rich & vibrant. Apologies, the flash can wash some of the colour out of the pic.

Ruby in Kyanite is said to soothe nerves and ease problems with the throat, heart, circulatory system or energy system. Ruby in Kyanite clears out old energy, stimulating ALL of the chakras. My advice would be to program it for just one chakra specifically and see how that feels. Sometimes it can feel a little spacey or overwhelming to clear and stimulate all of the chakras at once. This mineral increases our motivation, passion and energy. It is a powerful manifestation tool IF we are manifesting something that is in line with our spiritual lesson or purpose. Ruby in Kyanite personally connects me to higher, angelic type energies and enables me to communicate my truth with passion, fun and integrity.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2.8cm (28mm) long X 1.9cm (19mm) wide.

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