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Honey Calcite – AAA Grade Block – Item A


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These are the most gorgeous, polished blocks of Honey Calcite. I have never seen it this dark in colour or as sparkly and vibrant. The depth of colour and quality are simply outstanding and the energy literally felt like fire and motivation in my belly 🙂 These pieces are slightly darker in reality than the photo, but I’ve used the flash to try and capture some of the shimmer and clarity of the piece. It has rainbows and sparkle everywhere!

Honey Calcite is a gentle confidence booster. It is said to release patterns set by emotional or sexual abuse, it balances our energy systems and on a physical level, is good for the pancreas, gallbladder, digestive system and nervous anxiety that manifests in the stomach.  Honey Calcite teaches us the right use of power for our own and others Highest Good ~ whether that be issues of control, giving away our own power, learning how to speak from source instead of Ego. It is a gentle, supportive, beautiful crystal that is highly under rated.

To read my informative blog on Calcite, please Click Here.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3.7cm (37mm) long X 2.8cm (28mm) wide. Apologies for the slightly higher postage.

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