Krissy Hodges 
Healing – Transformation – Empowerment 


Colour : Black with flecks of gold, blue or silver within that shine and sparkle
Chakra : Primarily Base & Crown, but can affect all
Physical : Strength, energy, nausea
Spiritual : Nuumite is called the ‘Sorcerer’s or Magician’s Stone’. It is a stone of personal magic, increasing synchronicities, clairvoyance, intuition & psychic abilities. It is a very intense stone that demands that we journey inward and confront our true selves. Not for the feint hearted! It should be used with respect, being an elemental stone drawing on the energy of both Fire & Storm.

The oldest mineral on Earth, Nuummite was formed over three billion years ago from volcanic origins. It is a unique combination of Anthophyllite and Gedrite. It is black with iridescent flashes of gold and named after the remote, rugged mountain area north of Nuuk, Greenland, where it was discovered in 1982 and is still carefully mined today under quite difficult conditions.

Mentally, Nuumite enables us to make fast, intuitive decisions and actions with a sound, logical base. It fortifies our physical body, bringing strength and courage. It is excellent for protection and warding off negativity. I wouldn’t recommend sleeping with it however – not unless you are used to very vivid dreams and can use them to further yours or other’s spiritual paths.

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