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Different Energies: The Sun and Solar Energy

We are energetic beings, vibrating our essence into the world….. and the Universe replies with a huge range of different energies.

The planets in our solar system affect the Earth when the move as they are all held in magnetic cycles around the Sun. When they move, it sends ripples through the Universe that affect the magnetic energy fields around the Earth. The Moon has a huge affect on our emotions and feelings ~ given it is responsible for moving huge bodies of water around the globe and human beings are 70% water ~ and water is the element that represents our feelings…….. The Earth itself can emit different forms and waves of energy at different times (think of tectonic plate movement) and volatile weather patterns are also another manifestation of the Earth’s energy in motion.   

The Sun is an awesome powerhouse of energy, emitting huge, fiery blasts of solar wind and debris into the solar system called Coronal Mass Ejections or CMEs.

When these waves reach the Earth, the CMEs actually rattle the Earth’s magnetic field and can shut down satellite, radar and communication systems. This energy can agitate us, causing irritable mood swings, difficulty sleeping or strange dreams when we do sleep. Depending on what else is happening in our lives, Solar Energy can make us feel less tolerant, more sensitive, more touchy and reactive and less able to see when we’re falling into negative patterns or old wounds are being triggered.

The Sun’s energy is a very motivational, strong, masculine energy that stimulates us all in different ways. The Sun has its own cycles of activity and rest ~ at the moment it is at its most active. We are regularly being hammered, rather than bathed in a powerful, albeit invisible (to the naked eye) form of energy.

Google images of ‘Northern Lights’ and you can actually see photographic evidence of Solar Energy as it enters our atmosphere. This energy can also cause us to have bursts of activity followed by deep fatigue and it often exacerbates symptoms in our physical body such as inflammation, pain, tiredness, headaches, vision and anything to do with our nervous or digestive systems. If you suddenly find yourself having a flare up, it could quite possibly be how your body is processing Solar Energy that day. 

An excellent crystal to use if the Sun’s energy is affecting you as mentioned above is Howlite. It’s a very soothing crystal that cools tempers, soothes frayed nerves and is an excellent sleep aid for those suffering from insomnia. It is not a crystal really known for it’s pain relief, but does work really well when our physical body is manifesting signs of processing Solar Energy. Howlite is inexpensive and readily available. It’s natural colour is white, but it is often dyed bright pink or blue, which makes it a fun crystal for children (as they feel the energy just as much as we do!). 

If you’d rather work with this powerful energy, get out into nature, do things that make your body work & sweat ~ give yourself physical challenges that channel this energy perfectly. Its time to get out of the heart & head and into practical action when the Sun is active ~ that’s if you’ve got the energy! 

“The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do ~ Galileo Galilei

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