Different Energies: The Moon

Different Energies: The Moon

People often ask if they should bathe their crystals in the moonlight. On a scientific level, it won’t make much difference to a crystal unless it has a water bubble in it (called an enhydro). The moon controls water, so has little or no affect on a solid piece of quartz. However, the moon does influence human beings ~ we are approximately 60% water, so if the moon can affect huge bodies of water such as seas and oceans, imagine what it can do to a tiny water molecule in our body.

The moon heightens our intuition – it is soothing, feminine, intuitive, dreamy, goddess energy. This can be soothing for women, but very irritating for men or those working with masculine energy. Lunar energy amplifies the strongest energy at the time, hence the police not liking a full moon over a weekend – it is said to increase the amount of aggressiveness and arrests! The wonderful crystal, Moonstone, represents the positive lunar energies beautifully – many women wear it to balance their cycles and hormones, for conception and all things related to women. Men wear it to try and bring in a softer, more gentle quality to their personalities. 

“It is the very error of the moon,” wrote Shakespeare in Othello. “She comes more near the earth than she was wont, and makes men mad.”

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